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Global, regional, and national food systems face major challenges and require fundamental transformations. More than ever, responding to these challenges will require a systems-oriented, multidisciplinary approach to reshape food systems so they work for all people sustainably. IFPRI’s Strategy Refresh 2018–2020 builds on the strong base of work developed under the Institute’s 2013–2018 strategy and focuses on five strategic research areas:

  • Fostering Climate-Resilient and Sustainable Food Supply
  • Promoting Healthy Diets and Nutrition for All
  • Building Inclusive and Efficient Markets, Trade Systems, and Food Industry
  • Transforming Agricultural and Rural Economies
  • Strengthening Institutions and Governance

Each of the five strategic research areas considers gender within all research questions and throughout the research process.

IFPRI’s regional and country programs play a critical role in responding to demand for food policy research and in delivering holistic support for country-led development.

IFPRI also leads two CGIAR Research Programs (CRPs): Policies, Institutions, and Markets (PIM) and Agriculture for Nutrition and Health (A4NH).

Enhancing partnerships, communicating research, strengthening partners’ capacity, and leveraging data and analytical tools are critical to implementing and achieving impact through IFPRI’s strategic research areas.

More information on IFPRI’s work is available in the Institute’s annual reports.


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