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*About Liberty Fund* Liberty Fund, Inc. is a private educational foundation established in 1960 to encourage study of the ideal of a society of free and responsible individuals. Liberty Fund seeks to preserve the learning of the ages and to strengthen our understanding and appreciation of individual liberty. For nearly four decades, Liberty Fund has published new, authoritative editions of classic works in American history, law, economics, European history, political philosophy, education, and classical studies­­­/—books of enduring value that have helped to shape ideas and events in humanity’s quest for liberty, order, and justice./ /Liberty Fund books are edited in accordance with the highest standards of scholarly publishing. Many include new non-interpretive forewords, prefaces, or introductions by leading specialists, as well as annotations, bibliographies, and indexes. Our books are not only beautifully produced but are also priced to ensure their availability to all serious readers./ /Some of our works include:/ /*The Glasgow Edition of the Works and Correspondence of Adam Smith*/ /Liberty Fund has published a significant series in cooperation with Oxford University Press: The Glasgow Edition of the Works and Correspondence of Adam Smith. This is the first uniform collection of Adam Smith’s writings, available in paperback only. The series comprises:/ * /The Wealth of Nations/ * /The Theory of Moral Sentiments/ * /Lectures on Jurisprudence/ * /Essays on Philosophical Subjects/ * /Correspondence of Adam Smith/ * /Lectures on Rhetoric and Belles Lettres/ * /Index to the Works of Adam Smith/   /*Natural Law and Enlightenment Classics Series*/ /Under the general editorship of Knud Haakonssen, this series of over forty volumes, spanning the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, presents not only some of the most famous figures from this period, but also the lesser-known theorists who contributed their part to the contest of ideas. Works by Hugo Grotius, Samuel Pufendorf, Francis Hutcheson, Jean-Jacques Burlamaqui, George Turnbull, Emer de Vattel, Jean Louis De Lolme, Christian Thomasius, Richard Cumberland, John Millar, Pierre Bayle, Henry Home, Lord Kames, James Mackintosh, David Fordyce, Nathaniel Culverwell, Gershom Carmichael, Johann Gottlieb Heineccius, Francisco Suarez, Robert Bellarmine, and Christian Wolff are included in this expertly edited collection./ /Other selections from the more than 375 titles we offer include:/ /*American History*/ * /*The Federalist: The Gideon Edition.* Edited by George W. Carey and James McClellan./ * /*The Founders’ Constitution. *Edited by Philip B. Kurland and Ralph Lerner./ /*Law*/ * /*The Selected Writings of Sir Edward Coke. *Edited by Steve Sheppard./ * /*The History of English Law before the Time of Edward I,* by Sir Frederick Pollock and Frederic William Maitland./ /*Economics*/ * /*The Liberty Fund Library of the Works of Ludwig von Mises.* Edited by Bettina Bien Greaves./ * /*The Collected Works of F.A. Hayek.* Edited by Stephen Kresge and Leif Wenar./ * /*The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics.* Edited by David R. Henderson./ /*European History*/ * /*The History of England,* by David Hume./ * /*Select Works of Edmund Burke.*/ /*Modern Political Philosophy*/ * /*Democracy in America,*/ by Alexis de Tocqueville. * /*A Letter Concerning Toleration,* by John Locke./

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