Luiss Guido Carli University of Rome

Luiss Guido Carli is one of the top ranked Italian private universities. Currently Luiss Guido Carlihas four scholarly departments (Business and Management, Economics and Finance, Law and Political Science), although the university is most recognized for its specialization in topics concerning Social Sciences. The extensive programs offered by Luiss Guido Carli allows students to explore and deepen their academic interests in numerous areas and disciplines.

Luiss Guido Carli is committed to be a first-rate university by intensifying world-wide collaborations, strengthening postgraduate programs, expanding research opportunities, recruiting new faculty from every corner of the international arena, and tailoring curricula to the evolving needs of the global scenario.

Through its affiliation with Confindustria, the Confederation of Italian Industries, Luiss Guido Carli holds a privileged position in the business environment. Over 200 public, private, and multinational corporations cooperate with the university to provide undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students with solid career opportunities. 

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