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The University's most important social responsibility is to provide education through which students can develop their ability to critically evaluate knowledge and translate it into action. Malmö University has a unique opportunity to be an open university which invites people to discuss complex and uncomfortable societal issues.


Malmö University contributes to a sustainable and more equal society through research-based knowledge, critical reflection and a readiness to act.

Core values

Malmö University is founded on the human, democratic and academic values that have emerged from the ideals of an open society, freedom of speech and critical thinking.


Malmö University provides high-quality education and research through which, in collaboration with other societal actors, it creates, shares and disseminates knowledge to understand, explain and develop society. At Malmö University, the particularities and traditions of different disciplines are respected and given the opportunity to be clearly expressed.

Overarching goals for education and research

  • To cultivate long-term, nationally and internationally outstanding research which, together with doctoral education, constitutes one third of the University's activities.
  • Offer education grounded in research, in terms of teaching methods as well as subject matters, which provides the conditions for inclusive and student-active, life-long learning.
  • Ensure strong, coherent and boundary-crossing international academic environments in which education, research and collaboration are integrated.

Development areas 2018–2022

The following are the most important development areas for Malmö University in its first five-year period, based on the overarching goals for education and research:

  • academic values;
  • research and doctoral education;
  • identity and role in society;
  • competence, leadership and paths; and
  • the University environment.

The state is responsible for the activities at colleges and universities in Sweden. Parliament and the government decide which rules to apply and how resources should be distributed.

Higher educational institutions are public authorities under the Principle of Public Access. The Higher Education Ordinance regulates the rules of operations.


Malmö University's highest decision-making body is the Board of Governors. The University's executive manager is the Vice-Chancellor who is also the Director-General.

Malmö University top executive management includes the Vice-Chancellor, the Pro-Vice Chancellors, a Deputy Vice-Chancellor, five Deans, the Head of Library Services, the Director of Joint University Administration and Services and student representatives.

Vice Chancellor
Kerstin Tham

Deputy Vice Chancellor
Per Hillbur 

Pro Vice-Chancellor, field of responsibility - Collaboration and innovation  
Charlotte Ahlgren Moritz

Pro Vice-Chancellor, field of responsibility - Global Engagement and Challenge Based Learning 
Cecilia Christersson

Pro Vice-Chancellor, field of responsibility - Societal Challenges

Tapio Salonen

Director of Administration of Joint University Administration and Services
Susanne Wallmark

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