RWI – Leibniz-Institut fΓΌr Wirtschaftsforschung

RWI is a modern center for scientific research and evidence-based policy advice, retaining its strong roots in the region. 

Focal points of the research include analysis of the labor market, educational research, migration and environmental economics. Particular attention is paid to the diagnosis and forecasting of the German economy and those of leading developed countries, as well as to structural changes within the economy, i.e. in manufacturing and medium-sized businesses. Due to the location of the institute, analysis of the economy of North Rhine-Westphalia is also on the agenda.

Research is based on the latest theoretical concepts, as well as scientific methods. Achieving its objectives presumes continuous expansion of methodic and substantive competencies. Mentioned by way of example is the fact that a fundamental development in empirical research, i.e. increased application of microeconometric methods, has been carried out at RWI. This happens through further developing its scientists individually and working out new topics and research focal points and by the carefully planned recruiting of new associates in entry level and leadership positions. Publication success and the acquisition of much-sought-after third-party funding provide an unequivocal evaluation of the scientific output of RWI. Its outputs are also subject to continuous internal and external monitoring.


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