Society of Professional Economists (SPE)

The Society of Professional Economists (SPE) is the leading organisation serving professional economists in the UK and Europe.


The Society of Professional Economists is the leading organisation serving professional economists in the UK and Europe. The Society organises a diverse range of activities, providing members with a forum for debating questions of economics, to extend their professional competency as economists and to interact with key economic policymakers.

As an association of economists, the Society provides a point of contact for those with similar intellectual and professional interests. Although not a regulating institution, it is concerned with maintaining and improving professional standards among its members.

To further these aims the Society maintains links with other bodies with similar interests, both in this country and overseas.


Membership of the Society of Professional Economists through its wide range of activities, provides an ideal way of keeping up with economic developments, current issues and advances in economic research. The SPE provides a point of contact for economists in business to air their views and to hear those of others. Activities include:

Monthly Meetings

The core of the SPE’s activities is a programme of monthly meetings from September to June. Distinguished guest speakers from the UK and abroad address the Society on a wide range of issues. At every meeting there is ample time for questions and discussion. After each meeting there is the opportunity to dine with the speaker together with other Members.


Conferences are periodically arranged for the consideration of the broader domestic and international issues affecting the business environment with the help of expert speakers.

Annual Dinner

The highlight of the year, the Annual Dinner is an excellent opportunity to meet informally with fellow economists, and to hear leading after-dinner speakers addressing topical issues. A former Director General of GATT, the Director-General of the CBI and the Governor of the Bank of England have been key-note speakers in recent years.


The Society regularly organises seminars on topical issues and new developments and techniques led by recognised experts in their own field.

Study Groups

The number and nature of these groups alters in line with issues of topical interest to members. Groups may hold meetings or simply maintain contact registers and have recently covered areas such as forecasting, statistics, industrial economics and European economies.


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