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TStat is a “niche” statistics company providing: i) biostatistics, econometrics and statistical training to the private and public sector; and ii) data analysis and statistical consultancy support to small and medium firms. Since its creation in 1999, TStat is also the Italian distributor for the principal biostatistics, econometric, operational research and statistical software.


TStat Training

Over the past 10 years, TStat has evolved to become the market leader in Biostatical, Econometric and Statistical training in Italy. Today, TStat is an important point of reference for researchers in both the private and public sector, needing to: acquire new analytical skills; study the latest econometrical or statistical developments in their field, or simply refresh their existing analytical “tool-box”.

TStat’s training portfolio can be classified into three distinct categories: introductory and advanced courses relating to the use of one of the statistical software which we distribute; introductory/intermediate courses in biostatistics, epidemiology, econometrics, financial analysis and statistics; and advanced “state of the art” courses in each of the aforementioned fields. Each course is composed of both a theoretical component in which the techniques and underlying principles are explained, and an applied (hands-on) segment during which participants have the opportunity to implement the techniques using real data under the watchful eye of the course tutor.



As the authorized Italian distributor of Stata, EViews, GAUSS Systems, Lingo Systems, Provalis Research and Rats, TStat enjoys a close profitable working relationship with the developers of the leading software for econometric, statistical analysis used in both academic and industry



Today data offers an amazing source of information, not only for researchers in research and development, but also for professionals in marketing, research and development. Data analysis costs, can however, for small or medium size firm or institutions without their own in-house statistical office, be rather prohibitive. TStat’s statistical consultancy team offers an array of statistical support (from data cleaning and data mining to advanced econometrical and statistical), without the need to invest in in-house statistical support staff. Over the past 10 years, our group of experts has acquired extensive experience in statistical and econometrical analysis in both academic and commercial settings. 

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