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The founding principles of the TUHH are unique in Germany. The priority of research, an interdisciplinary approach, innovation, regionalism and internationalism are the obligatory foundations for what we do. Research, teaching and technology transfer are centered around the guiding theme of developing technology for people.

Mission Statement:
TUHH is a competitive entrepreneurial university focussing on high-level performance and high quality standards. TUHH is dedicated to the principles of Humboldt (unity of research and education).  TUHH has a strong international orientation and also focusses on its local environment. It does so by contributing to the development of the technological and scientific competence of society.  Aiming at excellency at the national and international level in its strategic research fields. Educating young engineers and academics within demanding programmes using advanced teaching methods. 

The TUHH as a Driving Force for Reform

Success is the result of innovative and courageous action. The history of the TUHH is a history of this kind of success. At few if any German universities have so many reforms been initiated and unconventional approaches been adopted so consistently as at the Hamburg University of Technology. Best of all, these reforms were developed by the TUHH itself.

To develop technology for people has been one of the TUHH’s founding missions since 1978. Innovation within the technological sciences is, of course, its primary task, but innovation of the TUHH itself is a part of the motivation and a basis for the success of teaching, research, technology transfer, and continuing education.

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