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The University of Copenhagen (UCPH) was established in 1479 as a public academic institution in Copenhagen, Denmark. UCPH is the second largest and oldest university in Denmark, with more than 39,000 undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral students enrolled in its six faculties. Most academic courses are taught in Danish, however numerous courses are taught in English and German as well. The institution is a distinguished member of the International Alliance of Research Universities, along with Yale and Cambridge. 

Driven by intellectual creativity and critical thinking since 1479, researchers and students at the University of Copenhagen have expanded horizons and contributed to moving the world forward. With its 5,000 researchers and 39,000 students, the University boasts an international research and study environment and is highly ranked on the leading ranking lists of the world's best universities.

The University offers researchers and students the opportunity to develop their talent and launches ambitious interdisciplinary initiatives to support its strong academic communities. Through research-based teaching โ€“ and by involving them in research โ€“ students are equipped to address society's challenges and needs.

The University of Copenhagen is working towards becoming one of the worldโ€™s greenest campus areas, leaving as little environmental and climate footprint as possible. The University facilitates cross-organisation collaboration, liaises with the business community and helps students find relevant programmes and projects in the field of sustainability.

The University also focuses on gender equality and sees diversity as a strength.

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