Utrecht University

Utrecht University is an international research university of the highest quality and the alma mater of many leading names, academics and scientists who have made an important contribution to the quality of society.


Utrecht University boasts seven faculties and three teaching institutes.


Each faculty consists of a number of departments. Each department coordinates the research and teaching programmes of a specific field of science. Scientific staff are appointed at department level.


Careers UU


At Utrecht University, we work together towards a better future for all of us. With our more than 6,000 members of staff, we provide socially relevant research and high-quality education. The university is an actively involved and committed part of our society, with the added value of an open mind about societal issues.  We cooperate with other (international) universities, trade and industry, the authorities, the cultural sector and societal organisations. Working at Utrecht University means working at the best university in the Netherlands.

At Utrecht University we strive to:

  • Provide an unambiguous, challenging and sound work environment for all our staff; a work environment which boasts an open and transparent culture that puts quality before quantity;
  • Encourage the personal and professional development of all our members of staff, scientific as well as support and administrative staff, and to provide a perspective that fits the developments within and outside of our organisation.

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Education UU


Utrecht University stands for broad and interdisciplinary education. Students at Utrecht University learn to look beyond the boundaries of their fields of study and work together in interdisciplinary projects.

The education programmes are modern and innovative. Students and high-ranking scientists work together on a better future.

Broad education programmes: 

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UU Profile


Located in Dom Square in the centre of Utrecht, the University Hall is more than just a monument. It is Utrecht Universityโ€™s ceremonial heart and its public face.

Academic ceremonies including PhD ceremonies, inaugural lectures and the awarding of undergraduate and graduate diplomas, all take place at the University Hall. The location also provides for conferences, meetings, dinners and cultural events.

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Tel. +31 30 253 70 00
Email: studentservices@uu.nl 
Postal address: PO Box 80125, 3508 TC Utrecht
Visitors: weekdays from 10.00 am to 16.00 pm: UU for U, Student Services, Heidelberglaan 6, 3584 CS Utrecht (between Casa Confetti and StudyStore)

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