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Jira and Confluence Administrator

The IHS Markit Developer Tools Group is looking for a skilled Jira and Confluence administrator to join our Noida team.   The Atlassian Tools squad lives within the larger Developer Tools Group and manages multiple enterprise Jira and Confluence instances (2,000 - 12,000 users) spanning Atlassian's Server, Cloud, and Data Center product lines. Depending on your strengths and interests, you may focus mostly on support or may get involved in AWS architecture, training, and/or helping to drive our Atlassian strategy. 

An Ideal Candidate Has Most Of The Following Strengths  We have a fun and dedicated team that supports one another every day, even as we tackle complex and interesting technical and design challenges.  Some important skills:  

路               Passion for Atlassian products and using them to improve the daily lives of agile teams. 

路               Experience with large migrations to and from Jira and Confluence. 

路               Demonstrated focus on configuration best practices and growth planning. For example: encouraging Jira workflow standardization, limiting the number of custom fields, plugin review and decision-making, and periodic housekeeping. 

路               Intermediate programming experience with at least one mainstream language or scripting environment (Java, Python, bash, PowerShell, C#, etc.) and an understanding of the importance of automation. 

路               Enough Linux experience to handle server-side troubleshooting and maintenance (SSH, log file searches, application configuration settings).  


路               AWS certification and experience managing apps deployed to AWS using Terraform or CloudFormation. 

路               Knowledge of DevOps and CI/CD practices and how Jira and Confluence interact with other developer tools. 

路               Experience working in a global organization and ability to communicate effectively with users in many time zones. 

路               Creativity in working with users to help them get the most out of our tools (documentation, videos, training sessions). 


If you know your way around Jira and Confluence, this is a great opportunity to work with some large instances and really challenge yourself.  In addition to configuration and user support, some things you might get to do include: 


路        Learn AWS through working with our cloud instances and migration of data center instances to AWS. 

路        Work with Atlassian Premier Support to find ways to consolidate instances, save money on plugins, and make the apps more performant. 

Come Join us in our Noida Office!


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