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Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
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Practitioner / consultant

Tasks and Responsibilities
The tasks to be performed by the consultant are as follows:

Institutional and organizational diagnosis:

  • Summarize previous work relating to MARHP evaluations;
  • Describe the current “decision-making” model;
  • Describe the current model of "internal communication";
  • Describe the current governance model;
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses regarding the following components:
  • Deconcentration and decentralization of decision-making power
  • Proposal and development of projects.
  • Services rendered ;
  • Coordination with other ministries;
  • Interministerial coordination;
  • Roles and responsibilities of DGs;
  • Consultations between DGs regarding the identification of priorities and development of plans and strategies;
  • Decision-making at the level of (i) directorates general (DGs) and (ii) at ministry level;

 Propose a review of the structure and functioning of the Ministry, integrating at least all the components mentioned above.


This will require a participatory approach which will involve:

  • To carry out interviews with stakeholders in order to complete the diagnosis;
  • The organization of a whole series of consultation and validation workshops
  • To support and coordinate international consultants in matters of organization, documentary research, consultations and preparation of reports.

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Practitioner / consultant