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Economics & Data Science (EDS) is a two-year master’s degree, entirely taught in English, whose aim is to train economists with a very solid background in statistics and data science techniques. Our students will learn how to combine deep theoretical knowledge of specific markets (finance, health, energy) with statistical, econometrics and data science skills to analyze them. 


The first year of the course is mainly devoted to providing students with postgraduate knowledge of economics and quantitative techniques.  On the one hand, students will learn some of the workhorse basic models that form the core of modern applied microeconomics and macroeconomics; on the other hand, students will receive a solid background in mathematics for economics, statistical modeling, optimization techniques and programming skills (Python and R).

In the second year, students will deepen their understanding of specific markets like the energy, health, and financial ones, and they will expand their quantitative toolbox by attending courses in risk management, economic policy evaluation, and big data techniques. Economics and management courses will complement the theoretical analysis with real-world applications of various quantitative methods (econometrics, agent-based models, etc.).

At the end of the course, EDS students will be able to understand complex economic and financial phenomena and analyze them using data-driven logic.

EDS has close links with both public and private firms and organizations. Hence, students are strongly encouraged to apply for internships during their second year. A number of Erasmus positions are also available.

Writing up a Master Dissertation is a prerequisite for receiving the degree. The Dissertation can also be written as part of an internship position.


EDS students will be qualified for a range of positions, such as:

  • Economic Consultant
  • Data Scientist
  • Economic Analyst in the energy, environmental, and health sectors
  • Expert in the field of economic policy evaluation
  • Risk analyst
  • Economic researcher


Since the Master's is an English-taught course, it attracts students from all over the world, which in turn contributes to the creation of an international environment among students who will also be able to enjoy the lively atmosphere of Genoa, uniquely positioned on the Mediterranean coast in the North of Italy.


  • While we refer to (https://corsi.unige.it/en/corsi/11267/futuri-studenti-ammissione-iscrizione) for admission requirements, we particularly welcome students with a first cycle (Bachelor level) degree and who have achieved strong quantitative skills in mathematics and statistics; while some previous exposure to economics and management would be ideal, it is not strictly required.
  • English language Requirement - Minimum B2 level


  • For application procedure, see https://unige.it/en/internazionale/pre-assessment-procedure-master-degrees-taught-english-only-non-eu-students-living


  • From 0 to 3000 euros, depending on income


  • A first intake of students will be admitted by 15th April 2024; a second intake by 15th May 2024. Late admissions can be considered only for EU students.

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Master's programs

Certifications & Titles

Master's Degree


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