Master's programme in Quantitative Economics and Finance (MiQE/F)

With its challenging curriculum, the Master's degree programme in Quantitative Economics and Finance offers high-quality education in economics, econometrics and quantitative methods with a strong focus on finance.

The programme combines in-depth knowledge in the areas of economics and finance with state-of-the-art quantitative methods, which makes it unique in Switzerland. The MiQE/F trains students to analyse and solve challenging problems in economic policy, finance and the world of business. Small class sizes ensure inspiring discussions and close contact to the research-oriented faculty. The MiQE/F is an excellent basis for moving on to responsible positions in the private sector or policy institutions as well as for highly selective Ph.D. programmes worldwide. 


As a MiQE/F student, you develop a deep understanding of economic and financial theories. Moreover, you gain strong methodological competence with distinctive skills in econometrics, quantitative methods and machine learning. Given the challenges and increasing importance of digitalisation MiQE/F offers courses on big data, machine learning and related topics for successful careers in the digital age. You know how to apply your diverse skill-set to analyse data and solve complex and challenging real-world problems. Strong management and communication skills further enhance your profile.

Career prospects

Graduates of pure business and economics programmes often lack an in-depth training in quantitative methods. Mathematicians and statisticians often lack an economics or finance background. As a MiQE/F graduate, you bridge this gap with your diverse skill-set. Policy and financial institutions and firms in the private sector are increasingly confronted with complex problems requiring confident application of methods as well as a deep understanding of economic processes and the finance sector. MiQE/F graduates are well prepared for responsible positions in the areas of banking and finance, consulting and insurance.

Due to its strong methodological training, MiQE/F graduates are also extremely well equipped to pursue an academic career.

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Master of Arts HSG (M.A. HSG) in Quantitative Economics and Finance

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