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Call for Submissions

At INOMICS we aim to support economists, their studies, and their careers.

We invite economists who are conducting or have conducted research to write a summary of their research and why it’s important, interesting, or unique in the field, and share that article with other economists via INOMICS. This “research summary” article can function as an extended abstract that will help other economists discover your work and learn more about your area of expertise. The tone can be similar to a relatively casual lunchtime conversation with colleagues who are trained in economics but unfamiliar with your work.

Please note: We do not publish academic research. However, an article that describes your research and its importance to an audience of early-career economists and economics students is encouraged.

Writing a research summary article on INOMICS can help your research reach a broader economist audience, inspire others’ research, broaden your network by reaching others in related areas, and add to your portfolio of written work.

Our Goals for Your Submission:

  • You are able to share your research topic and other factors related to it with economists on INOMICS.
  • Economist readers of INOMICS can find interesting articles about recent or upcoming research in economics on the INOMICS Blog, in addition to what’s already been shared on the Blog.
  • You are able to build your portfolio of written work, and develop your reputation among the thousands of readers who use INOMICS.
  • You add to the library of interesting INOMICS content; readers benefit from learning about the interesting topic area.
  • Less experienced readers additionally benefit from learning about your research, evaluation of economics issues, methodology or challenges overcome while researching, etc.

This call for article submissions is open from 1st March 2024 - 1st August 2024.

Submission guidelines:

  • Articles must be written in English
  • Articles should be at least 1000 word and no more than 2500 words.
  • Use a conversational but intelligent style - short introduction and conclusion, relatively short sentences, informal but intelligent tone (imagine you are speaking to a junior economist colleague or student at lunch hour).

Additionally, please send a description of yourself and your academic and/or career credentials, no longer than 300 words, including a photo and a mention of your affiliated institution or your job title.

Again, please note: We do not publish academic research. However, an article that describes your research and its importance to an audience of early-career economists and economics students is encouraged.

Submission Process:

Please send complete article drafts to: mailto:submissions@inomics.com. Articles that match these submission guidelines will be reviewed by a member of the INOMICS editorial board.

If your article is of sufficient quality and adds to our content, we will contact you with initial edits, and begin the editing process with a member of our team. This may entail several rounds of edits.

The final draft will be reviewed by another member of our editing team, and any last changes will be communicated with the author.

Then, the article will be published on INOMICS, and you will be able to share it across your own channels as long as they are linked to the article’s “home” on INOMICS.

Finally, contributors whose articles are published will receive a profile page on INOMICS and will have the opportunity to submit further articles for publication on INOMICS in the future.

Deadline for submissions: 1st August 2024

+49 30 2084712 50

Terms of Submission:

By sending your submission, you guarantee that the submitted research summary article has not been published in part or in full elsewhere (note that this regards the summary written about the research, NOT the research itself).

By sending your article submission you agree that INOMICS may publish your research summary article in-part or in-full, or publish an excerpt of your article in a larger content piece (for example a collection of opinions).

If your research summary article is published in-full by INOMICS, you agree that in the event that you share or publish the article elsewhere, you will refer/link to INOMICS as the original location of publication for the research summary article (but NOT the research itself).

You guarantee that you are the sole author(s) or that you have permission from your co-authors to publish this summary, and you confirm that you need no further permission from other co-authors, employers or funding bodies in order to grant copyright of the article to INOMICS.



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