Best Countries To Do A Spanish Course

Best Countries To Do A Spanish Course

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Spanish is spoken by more that 400 million people around the globe, which makes it the second-most common language in the world. So naturally, if you are considering learning a new language, then Spanish is a great choice as it will allow you to communicate with lots of people. It's well-known that immersing yourself in a culture is the fastest way to learn - but where is the best place to do this? Below we'll look at some suggestions for the best country in which to study Spanish.


If you want to learn Spanish, where better to study than the home of the language? Spain has an extensive academic system, so it will be no problem for you to find a reputable institution which teaches languages. Additionally, there is a great deal of Spanish culture which will surround you – literature, film, history and so on – which will help to boost your understanding of both the language and the people. The Spanish spoken in Spain is distinctly different from that spoken in Latin America, so if your aim is to communicate with other Europeans, then Spain will be a good option for you.


However, if you want to communicate with an international audience, you would be better off learning Spanish in a Latin American country. There are many more people speaking this form of the language, though of course there is variation between countries too. One popular option for studying Spanish, particularly for Americans, is Mexico. As it is geographically near to the US, and shares some cultural similarities also, it can be easier for visitors to adjust to life there.


Guatemala is known as one of the most beautiful countries you can visit, with jungles, volcanoes, and coastlines adding to its reputation for stunning landscapes. An advantage of learning Spanish there is that people typically speak more slowly than in other Spanish-speaking countries, which makes it easier for learners to understand. Also, it is one of the best value places where you can learn, as both general living costs and the costs of lessons are extremely cheap. The country is relatively small, but you can use all the money you save on living costs to explore the beautiful scenery and diverse geography.


The Argentinian Spanish accent has a reputation for being difficult for foreigners – it's spoken fast and fluently, and frequently intercut with slang which often isn't taught in formal programs. However, it's also regarded as being one of the most sophisticated and appealing of accents. So if you don't mind a challenge, and you want to learn Spanish that will sound eloquent and beautiful, then Argentina is the place to study. Places like Buenos Aires are popular with expats, which means that many people there need to learn more Spanish, and hence there are a very large number of Spanish schools, in addition to well-regarded universities which are relatively cheap to attend.


Although it used to have a bad reputation for drugs and crime, in recent years Colombia has become much safer and is now an appealing destination for visitors. It is especially popular for learning Spanish, as Colombian Spanish is pleasing to the ear and sounds rhythmic and elegant. The Bogotá region is particularly popular for learning the language, as in addition to being a fun and lively place, the Spanish spoken there has a neutral accent which means that it can easily be understood by people from all over Latin America.


Finally, consider one of the lesser-known options for learning Spanish: Bolivia. As the cheapest place to live in South America, it also offers low-cost tuition which will leave you with plenty of cash to explore the beautiful mountains of the country. The majority of the population are indigenous peoples, and so it's common for Bolivians to speak one or more indigenous languages in addition to Spanish. If you're interested in the development and evolution of languages, you can directly see how these indigenous language influence the Spanish which is spoken there. For the adventurous learner, it's hard to find better value for money than Bolivia.

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