Digital Tools to Enhance Your Institution's Employer Branding Activities

Digital Tools for Recruitment

Digital Tools to Enhance Your Institution's Employer Branding Activities

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While your educational institution may thrive on young, ambitious learners, it's also your workforce that will ultimately steer its long-term success. That said, from the lecturers and researchers to the campus ambassadors and customer service operatives, selecting the right talent is essential

In our ever-evolving digital age, the role of the HR department has broadened, meaning that providing a seamless employee experience and successful recruitment strategy often falls under the umbrella of human resources. And an integral part of recruitment and employee or candidate experience depends on employer branding.

What is employer branding?

It's possible to define employer branding as the package of functional, economic and psychological benefits offered to a potential employee by a brand, business or institution.

Akin to conventional branding, employer branding focuses on the benefits of working for the business while communicating its USPs, values, mission, development opportunities and perks to potential candidates by using modern digital marketing principles.

86% of HR professionals agree that recruitment is becoming more like marketing. And by adopting this mindset, you will be able to set yourself apart from the competition, attracting and engaging the kind of talent that will propel your institution to new heights.

Tools for employer branding in the educational sector

To help you enhance and enrich your institution’s employer branding efforts, there are a wealth of digital tools available at your fingertips that will no doubt prove invaluable. This hand-picked rundown of tools will help you showcase your unique value to the people that count, resulting in improved student engagement, productivity and brand authority.

Social media branding

  • Hootsuite: HootSuite allows institutions to schedule, manage and report on all of their most valuable social media content, which in turn, will help you to improve your communications, keep your posts consistent and help you make more informed strategic decisions.
  • Buffer: A little like Hootsuite, this social media management development tool is trusted by businesses across the globe as it helps you showcase a brand's individuality and deliver quality content to their target audience.

Content creation

  • Skill Scout: An innovative DIY video-based content creation tool, the ever-accessible Skill Scout makes it easy to create employer branding videos on your own with an easy to follow step-by-step guide.
  • Papirfly: A cutting-edge piece of employer brand automation software, this incredible tool helps companies create dazzling flyers, animated banners, social media posts, engaging copy, and a whole host more.

Candidate experience

  • Olivia: A mind-blowing AI-powered assistant that focuses on candidate capture, screening, scheduling, communication and engagement. An incredible way to enhance your overall candidate experience autonomously, leaving you to focus on strategy and personalised candidate liaisons.
  • PathMotion: Another artificial intelligence-driven candidate experience platform, this innovative development enables your employees to share personal stories and engage directly with candidates online - a real engagement booster.

Candidate relationship management

  • Workable: A popular online recruitment platform with an attractive, easy to use interface which is trusted by over 6,000 companies.
  • Bullhorn: A platform designed explicitly for streamlining candidate management by strengthening relationships with clients and prospects, this is one tool you need in your employer branding arsenal.

We hope that this curated selection on employer branding tools help you to strengthen your strategy and entice the best talent for your institution - and by choosing the right mix for you and your recruitment goals, we’re sure that you will start to see a notable improvement in a relatively short length of time.

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