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          Erasmus Master’s Programs: Economics, Law and Policy 2014


Erasmus Master’s Programs: Economics, Law and Policy 2014

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The Erasmus Mundus program is a well-known cooperation program between European universities and the rest of the world. Through partnerships, projects, funding and joint programs, it gives students around the globe the opportunity to access high-quality education, while also encouraging student mobility.

Erasmus Mundus programs are a very attractive option for students who want to have an international education experience. Although it mainly covers opportunities in European universities; affiliate partners from all over the world can access the advantages of the network.

Thinking about the importance of making informed choices, we have prepared a series of articles about the topic, listing the most popular Erasmus programs per discipline and offering information about funding according to region. In this first part, we would like to provide you a short list of popular Erasmus Mundus Master Courses (EMMCs) in the areas of economics, law and policy making.

The following list does not follow any ranking criteria; it serves to inform interested students about the possibility of studying in an Erasmus Master’s program in the above-mentioned disciplines in the European Union, North America, Latin America and Asia.

  1. EMIN – Erasmus Mundus Joint Master in Economics and Management of Network Industries – Spain, France, Belgium, United States, Brazil
  2. EMLE – European Master in Law and Economics – Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Poland, India, Israel
  3. EPOG – Master’s Course – Economic Policies in the age of Globalisation : knowledge, finance and development – France, Italy, Germany, UK, South Africa, Brazil
  4. MEDEG – Economic Development and Growth – Spain, UK, Sweden
  5. MEGEI – MA Economics of Globalisation and European Integration – Belgium, Italy, France, Spain, UK, Brazil, China, Czech Republic
  6. QEM – Models and Methods of Quantitative Economics – Spain, Germany, France, Italy
  7. CoDe – Joint European Master in Comparative Local Development – Hungary, Slovenia, Germany, Italy
  8. MUNDUS MAPP – Erasmus Mundus Master’s in Public Policy – Spain, Netherlands, UK
  9. MA LLL – European Masters in Lifelong Learning: Policy and Management – Denmark, UK, Spain, Australia
  10. MESPOM – Master of Science in Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management – Sweden, UK, Greece, United States, Canada

Keep an eye out for the second post in this series, in which we will cover the important issues of scholarships and general funding for those interested in Erasmus programs!

Photo credit: Trey Ratcliff


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