The Best Free Online Macroeconomics Courses

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The Best Free Online Macroeconomics Courses

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With university life still suffering major disruptions and COVID fatigue reaching new heights, we at INOMICS felt it time for the latest instalment in our ‘online course’ series.

We understand how difficult it’s been in these last months, the fear, frustration, and now, more recently, the boredom. Many have picked up new hobbies to pass the time, some have started learning a new language, and others, even, have experimented with exercise... As admirable as these endeavours are, a trick is still being missed. For what better way could there be to emerge from all of this madness than with a better grasp of... macroeconomics. Yes, there is none. You’re in luck, too. For there are countless opportunities to do this online, oftentimes for free! Can anyone really say they don’t need a little revision on the functions of GDP, the fluctuations of inflation, or the factors informing unemployment rates?! We thought not. So without further ado, here are our best picks of all that's out there:

1. Macroeconomic Diagnostics

Hosted by the IMF, this course will teach you to assess a country’s macroeconomic situation using practical tools integral to day-to-day macroeconomic analysis. Throughout the 6 weeks of the course, you will learn how to analyze potential output, identify expenditure composition of growth, measure inflation, and assess sources of inflation. You will also gain a grasp of monetary and fiscal policy, develop an understanding of public and external debt sustainability, and learn how to assess the medium-term prospects of any given economy. It’s pretty all encompassing, and best of all it’s free!

2. Macroeconomics for a Sustainable Planet

Run by the prestigious SDG Academy, this course focuses on the potential earth-saving question: is it really possible to develop a thriving global economy in a fair and environmentally-resilient way? At 13 weeks in length, and thus slightly longer than others in the list, the course also manages to squeeze in scrutiny of GDP, assessment of sustainable investment strategies, and takes a look at the rapidly changing labor market. We could not recommend it highly enough. 

best free online macroeconomics courses3. International Macroeconomics

Let the University of Queensland lead you through an exploration of all the fundamentals of contemporary international macroeconomy, including the study of trade, exchange rate systems, international financial policy and open macroeconomy. At just 6 weeks, this course is not just for the economist, but also the layman, and will deliver a great level of understanding on the international economy, in addition to trade balance and exchange for anyone ‘curious about global economic behaviour and what influences it’.

4. Principles of Economics: Macroeconomics

In 8 hours of material, this free macroeconomics course explores the economic way of thinking, and the role incentives play in our lives. It also seeks to answer big questions like: why do some countries grow rich while others remain poor? What role does a country's banking system play in its economic policy? Big questions to one side, it also covers important topics like the function of the Federal Reserve, also known as ‘the fed’, monetary policy, fiscal policy, the Solow Growth Model, and the ‘economics of ideas’. 

5. Macroeconomic Forecasting 

Another course hosted by the IMF, here you’ll learn how to create and assess forecasting models to predict macroeconomic variables such as inflation and economic growth. Over the course of its 9 week duration this macroeconomics course will  familiarise you with macroeconomic variables such as inflation, growth and consumption, while instructing you how to create statistical models in economics and then how to apply them to policy.

6. Strategic Business Management - Macroeconomics

Delivered by the University of California, this course is for anyone interested in exploring the strategic components of applied economics combining business strategy with the principles of macroeconomics. It equips its participants with a powerful analytical toolbox with which to assess the major functions of business, management, statistics, and, of course, business strategy. 11 weeks in length, if you want to ‘expand your skills at the interface of strategy and business management’ this is the course for you.



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