Top Summer Schools 2017: Political Science & International Relations

Top Summer Schools 2017: Political Science & International Relations

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Summer schools are ideal locations for not just learning new skills and ideas, but also for networking with your peers and senior figures in your field. Plus they can be a lot of fun! If you have the time over the summer break, spending a week or two at a summer school can be an helpful step along your career path.

Today we're considering the top summer schools for students in politics and international relations which you could participate in 2017:

Istanbul: Crossroad of Civilizations Summer School

Organizer: Isik University
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Duration: Jul 3, 2017 to Jul 30, 2017
Details: Enjoy your summer in Istanbul studying the history and culture of Istanbul at one of Turkey’s most prestigious universities. Immerse yourself in Turkey’s history, traditions and people in Sile, home of Istanbul’s most renowned summer resort. Discover Turkish and Middle East politics, culture, economy, society and art through a study of Istanbul. Deepen your understanding of Turkey with several day-long trips to major historical sites. The program also includes elementary Turkish for students from abroad.

International Relations & Politics Programme

Organizer: Cambridge Summer Institute
Location: Oxford, United Kingdom
Duration: Jul 2, 2017 to Jul 15, 2017
Details: This course serves as an introduction to the theoretical background of international relations and politics. You can examine a range of historical topics about international relations in trade, finance, and political institutions which it is possible to explore the behavior of states of international organizations. Through this, you will be provided with an in-dept understanding of international relation and politics related disciplines in the complex field between nations.

Harvard Summer School: Debates in International Politics

Organizer: Harvard Summer School
Location: Cambridge, MA, USA
Duration: Jul 10, 2017 to Jul 28, 2017
Details: This course critically examines arguments, analytical frameworks, and possible solutions for major debates in international politics. Students are encouraged to take positions on key economic, security, and global controversies. You will examine debates surrounding phenomena such as sovereignty, imperialism, terrorism, world governance, and state failure. You will also have a chance to investigate disputes over international injustice, environmental degradation, global trade, as well as America's role toward China and the rest of the world.

2017 Munich-Vienna Middle East Summer School

Organizer: Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München and MEIA Research
Location: Munich, Germany & Vienna, Austria
Duration: Aug 3, 2017 to Aug 25, 2017
Details: During the Munich-Vienna Middle East Summer School, students will be provided with a broad understanding of the key political, economic, and societal developments in the contemporary Middle East. In the seminars, students will be taught by academics and practitioners with long-standing experience in the Middle East and given the opportunity to engage in a dialogue with students from the region in focus. The program targets both advanced students and young professionals from various backgrounds.

SciencesPo Summer School: The European Union at a Crossroads

Organizer: Sciences Po Paris
Location: Paris, France
Duration: Jun 3, 2017 to Jun 30, 2017
Details: The Sciences Po Summer School is a unique opportunity for students from all over the world to study political sciences at Sciences Po, France’s leading university in the social sciences. The aim of the course is to introduce students to the multiple European realities and to provide the necessary tools for understanding how the EU can face these challenges in an ever-changing world. This interdisciplinary course will permit students to approach these major issues through the lenses of political science, law, economics and history.

International Politics Summer School

Organizer: University of Oxford
Location: Oxford, United Kingdom
Duration: Jul 30, 2017 to Aug 12, 2017
Details: The International Politics Summer School tackles the vital issues that shape politics in the modern world, in a rigorous academic environment. Participants will apply their knowledge to in depth analysis of key countries and regions outside of Western Europe and North America, and will engage with broader issues that affect all parts of the globe.

LSE-UCT July School

Organizer: London School of Economics and Political Science
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Duration: Jul 17, 2017 to Jul 28, 2017
Details: This innovative and prestigious two-week 'summer school' style programme provides the highest calibre students, graduates and professionals from across the globe with an exciting opportunity to study important social science issues relevant to Africa today across subject areas as diverse as international relations, economics, management, government, geography, law, media and social policy. The programme is taught by outstanding faculty from the University of Cape Town and LSE -  two of the world’s leading institutions for teaching and research.

Summer School in Methods and Techniques

Organizer: European Consortium for Political Research
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Duration: Jul 27, 2017 to Aug 12, 2017
Details: The Summer School forms part of the ECPR's Methods School, which delivers cutting-edge courses in the full span of qualitative and quantitative topics, spread across the two schools. Delivered by a diverse range of experienced Instructors and supported by dedicated Teaching Assistants, the academic side of the School is designed to provide young scholars with the methodological skill set they need at the start of their career, while an exciting plenary programme provides an opportunity for all important networking.

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