Using Market Design To Fill Your Masters/PhD Programs

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Using Market Design To Fill Your Masters/PhD Programs

As many of your know, the Nobel Prize for Economics 2013 went to a pair of economists for their work in the field of “Market Design” – the study of creating an optimal marketplace to reduce market failures. Al Roth, one of the recipients, is best known for his work in orchestrating kidney transplant matches using such economic principles. While kidneys are his specialty, he has also researched other processes that could be better organized using similar principles.

A prime example of another situation where this type of economics could be put into action is the university application process, seen by many as cumbersome and inefficient. Roth and others ascertain that by applying the principles of market design to the application process it will streamline the acceptance process, ensuring that the highest percentage of applicants receive a spot at a university. A common issue within the current application model comes after the first round of acceptance letters have been sent and received. Students receiving multiple acceptances have a choice of programs and take their favourite, leaving other institutions with open positions and no students to fill them. On the other side, there are also a number of students who did not receive seats in their top selections and are scrambling to get in somewhere for the approaching academic year.

Unfortunately, like many things in higher education, this process will take a while and, in the meantime, many are going to continue to struggle filling their last minute empty courses. INOMICS is committed to helping institutions fill these seats; we can help you find students still looking for a place after the first round of admissions with flexible, targeted Masters and PhD program announcements. Whether you announced your first call with us or not, we can set up a system to remind potential applicants of approaching or extended deadlines.

If you want to advertise your PhD position for both categories, then consider other options, like a banner or text-ad on INOMICS. Let us know if you are interested in more solutions at, and we will work out something that meets your needs.

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