What Do PhD Candidates Look for? Jobs vs. Courses on INOMICS

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What Do PhD Candidates Look for? Jobs vs. Courses on INOMICS

Every year, October is the peak time for future PhD candidates to start applying for their first-choice positions. For those students who want to stay in their current institutions, the process may be fairly straight forward. However, for candidates seeking opportunities internationally or even simply in a different university, the prospect and the process may be somewhat more daunting.

For institutions aiming to find the best international talent for their PhD, including that from outside their own campuses, it is vital to present their opening to the right audience.

One of the main dilemmas faced by advertisers responsible for publicizing their PhDs on INOMICS, is whether their INOMICS Announcement should be advertised as a course/study program or a job opening. The difference between the two categories is more important than it might seem at first sight: many candidates are looking for a specific category only.

Students who want to transfer into PhD positions straight from their Master or Diploma degree tend to look first at the Courses section on INOMICS, being in a โ€œcampus mentalityโ€, and aiming to find a structured

PhD program with a curriculum, support and a sizeable body of fellow students. This description applies to many programs, and in this case to reach the right kind of audience, course marketers will get the best response by promoting their program through this channel.

Those students who either already obtained practical experiences or see their PhD positions as a launch of their academic careers, are more likely to start searching in the Jobs section on INOMICS. These candidates are most likely to be interested in paid positions, and consider their PhD to be first and foremost a job with a qualification in parallel. Advertising PhD positions in this way may have the advantage that it attracts the attention of candidates who are not certain about their career choice and who might decide in favor of a PhD position rather than applying for a job in a different organization. Of course, this option is only possible (and desirable) for those positions with secured funding.

If you want to advertise your PhD position for both categories, then consider other options, like a banner or text-ad on INOMICS. Let us know if you are interested in more solutions at info@inomics.com, and we will work out something that meets your needs.

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