Reviews Increase Your University's Applicant Interest and Engagement Levels

Reviews Increase Your University's Applicant Interest and Engagement Levels

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Continuing with last month’s topic, it is known that quality information increases student interest in universities. We pointed out the relevance of giving detailed information in the promotion of programscourses and scholarships. If a prospective student finds quality information and thereby recognizes the value of an institution, he or she is more likely to apply and stay engaged with the university over a lifetime. So how else can universities provide information to their candidates?

The answer is very simple and connected with the popular concept of social sharing: Reviews.  There is no bigger factor influencing the choices of a potential applicant than other students’ descriptions of how good their experience was at a given university. At INOMICS we recognize how important reviews can be, so we now offer to our customers a complete review section to help maintain engaged potential students, current students and alumni.

How does it work? We encourage you to share a link to your institution with your current and past students. In less than 5 minutes they can leave their positive comments about your teaching methods, educational opportunities and more.

What about you leaving a review? You can help fellow professionals or students make smart choices for their careers. Share your experiences as an employee or a student on INOMICS - it will just take a minute! 

Simply enter the name of the institution at which you have studied or worked in the search bar of our website,  click "Review" and tell us what you think! If you can't find the right institution just send us a short message at info@inomics.comand we'll make sure it appears on INOMICS!

Have you already reviewed your institution? Then spread the word among your colleges and students. Help your institution gain popularity in the web. 

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