Top 10 Journals of Finance

Top 10 Journals of Finance

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It's important to keep your finger on the pulse of the latest updates in your field. Otherwise your knowledge could be out of date and your research won't be be topically informed. The finance journals listed here are some of the best in the English-speaking world, offering the latest insights into finance, economics, accounting and business. If you're studying or working in the field of finance, here's our list of the top finance journals you should be reading.

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the top finance journals

1. Journal of Finance

Published by Wiley. The official publication of The American Finance Association, which publishes English-language research in all areas of finance. It is one of the most highly cited and broadly read journals in the field. It reaches over 8,000 academics, professionals, libraries and institutions around the world, and is published six times a year. 

2. The Review of Financial Studies

Published by Oxford Academic. Covering both theoretical and empirical work in finance, the Review publishes high-quality papers which are immediately relevant to the field of finance. It interprets finance as including 'the interface between finance and economics.' It is published once a month.

3. Journal of Financial Economics

Published by Elsevier. A top-tier journal which accepts empirical and analytical papers, particularly in the areas of capital markets, financial institutions, corporate finance, corporate governance, and the economics of organizations. It focuses on 'research in the area of... the theory of the firm', and is published monthly.

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4. Journal of Accounting and Economics

Published by Elsevier. A journal which focuses on the interface between economic theory and the practice of accounting, particularly in how economic analyses can be applied to accounting problems. It covers the role of accounting within firms, the information content and role of accounting numbers in capital markets, the role of accounting in financial contracts and monitoring agency relationships, determining accounting standards, theories of accounting firms, and government regulation of corporate disclosure and the accounting profession. It is published bimonthly.

5. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis

Published by Cambridge. Covering theoretical and empirical research, particularly regarding the topics of corporate finance, investments, capital and security markets, and quantitative methods of particular relevance to financial researchers. It has a circulation of 3,000 and accepts less than 10% of the manuscripts submitted to it every year. It is published bimonthly.

6. Journal of Banking and Finance

Published by Elsevier. A journal for research on financial institutions and the system in which they operate, with a focus on policy-oriented research and theoretical work. Its aim is on theoretical developments and how these can be implemented, as well as research on domestic and international policy with respect to financial institutions and markets. It aims to improve communication between academic communities and policymakers. It is published on a monthly basis.

7. Journal of Money, Credit and Banking

Published by Wiley. A professional journal aimed at researchers and policymakers as well as academics, which covers broad areas of money, banking, credit markets, regulation of financial institutions, international payments, portfolio management, and monetary and fiscal policy. It is published seven times each year.

8. Journal of International Money and Finance

Published by Elsevier. A journal for those who work in the areas of international monetary economics or international finance, including researchers and financial market professionals. It hopes to provide research that combines both of these areas, and authors are generally focused on exchange rate behaviour, foreign exchange options, international capital markets, international monetary and fiscal policy, international transmission and all related research areas. It is published monthly.

9. Journal of Business Finance & Accounting

Published by Wiley. Covers topics in accounting, corporate finance, and corporate governance, with an emphasis on informational problems in financial markets and business organisations and the way in which accounting can help alleviate them. It aims to publish research on accounting, corporate finance, corporate governance and their interfaces. It welcomes theoretical papers, but the theories therein 'should yield novel testable implications'. It is published ten times per year.

10. Journal of International Financial Management and Accounting

Published by Wiley. For the publication of research on the international aspects of financial management and reporting, banking and financial services, auditing, and taxation. It focuses on expanding knowledge of the impact of imperfections in the world product, factor and financial markets, as well as the impact of institutional, regulatory and accounting differences across countries. It tries to provide a forum for interaction between academics and practitioners. It is published thrice per year.

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