Top Psychology Podcasts

Top Psychology Podcasts


Podcasts can be a valuable way to learn about a new topic, or to keep up to date with a subject which you're studying. Most podcasts are audio programs which publish new episodes between once a week and once a month, typically including reports, interviews, and discussions. You can download podcasts to your computer or phone and listen to them on the go – they're particularly good to listen to while you're commuting or travelling.

Today we're looking at some of the best podcasts in the field of psychology. Covering psychology research, neuroscience, social psychology, and much more, these are excellent resources for psychology students seeking to broaden their knowledge and for interested members of the public who want to learn more about the topic.

General Psychology for a Popular Audience:

Covering a different topic from the area of human cognition each episode, these podcasts are suitable for a general audience who are interested in the field. They also covers topics related to society and ethics, and consider how psychology research should be applied to the real world.

Academic Psychology / Research News:

For a more formal approach, these podcasts provide teaching and research news from the field of academic psychology. They are aimed at psychology students or professionals but may also be of interest to informed individuals from other disciplines.

Clinical Psychology, Psychiatry and Mental Disorder:

Focusing on mental disorders and treatment, these clinically-focused podcasts will be of interest to those working in or hoping to go into clinical psychology. They can also be helpful for people who are experiencing mental disorders themselves or supporting a family member or partner who is in clinical treatment.


For those wanting to know about the brain, and how research from neuroscience is affecting the way that we think about the mind, here are specialist podcasts on this topic.

Other Specific Topics Within Psychology:

And finally, two more podcasts on particular topics within psychology – attractiveness, and perception and action.

These podcasts are a great way to learn and hear all about the latest news and events in psychology. Happy listening!

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