Call For Papers: MSBM 4th Business and Management Conference| Jamaica Pegasus Hotel | Kingston, Jamaica | July 10-12, 2019


Critical Perspectives on Research, Practice and Thinking in the Fourth Economy

Submission Guidelines
Please send a 200-word abstract with 6-8 keywords and the sub-theme that is addressed by the proposed presentation. Also include a separate cover page with title, name, institutional affiliation, a brief bio (200 words) & contact (Email, Tel & Fax).

Key Dates
Abstracts Due: April 30, 2019
Decisions: April 12 - May 9, 2019
Full Scripts: May 31, 2019
Conference: July 10-12, 2019

Abstracts, panel proposals, posters, full papers and queries must be submitted to:
and copied to Dr. Indianna D. Minto-Coy at:


Conference Overview

The transformative effect of entrepreneurship is already seen in countries globally. Indeed, entrepreneurship has been heralded as the foundation of business scholarship and practice ever since the invention of the business school. As an area of research, teaching and practice the discipline has also grown to accommodate a number of sub-streams, including social entrepreneurship. In many small, developing, island and emerging contexts these terms have assumed greater currency in the last decade or two.

While there exists a growing body of literature and evidence in many countries of the link between entrepreneurship and growth, the promise of entrepreneurship remains largely unrealised for many countries, including those in the Caribbean. As such, there is a clear need for deeper interrogation of the state of entrepreneurship, theory and practice; and it is critical that rigorous attention be paid to these important pillars of growth to build a strong conceptual and empirical base from which to launch future development efforts.

The 4th Conference International Conference on Business and Management brings together business practitioners, business scholars, philanthropists, the public sector, and civil society, to share best practices, interrogate theory, concepts and methodologies, and engender new ideas at the intersection of business, philanthropy, capital, innovation and society.

The Conference, therefore, invites individual abstracts, full panel proposals, posters and full papers on all areas of Entrepreneurship, including:

 Small Business Entrepreneurship
 Corporate Entrepreneurship
 Opportunity Entrepreneurship
 Innovation and Entrepreneurship
 Transnational Entrepreneurship
 Youth Entrepreneurship
 Gender and Entrepreneurship
 Financing Entrepreneurship
 Acquisitive Entrepreneurship
 Incubative Entrepreneurship
 The Entrepreneurial Cycle
 The Dark Side of Entrepreneurship

 Cultural and Creative Entrepreneurship
 Survivor Entrepreneurship
 High Growth Entrepreneurship
 Immigrant/Ethnic/Diaspora Entrepreneurship
 Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Public Sector
 Digital Entrepreneurship
 Mass Entrepreneurship
 Individual Entrepreneurship
 Imitative Entrepreneurship
 Entrepreneurship and Development
 Entrepreneurial Strategy
 Social Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise

Doctoral Consortium
Submissions are invited from Doctoral students at all level of their research. Students will share in a collegial atmosphere and receive feedback from distinguished researchers, and their peers. Any area related to business and management is welcomed.

Special Sessions
The Conference will feature five special sessions:
 From Conference to Publication: Transforming Conference presentations into Journal Publications
 Impact Investment Masterclass
 The Legal and Regulatory Environment for Social Enterprises
 Cultural and Creative Entrepreneurship in the City
 Social Enterprises and Social Entrepreneurship

Publications & Awards
Publications have emerged from previous conferences, including a special issue of Entrepreneurship and Regional Development (Editors: Minto-Coy, Lashley and Storey, 2018). Scholarly and empirical output for this Conference will include:
 A Special Issue of The Journal of Social Entrepreneurship;
 An edited book to be published by IGI Global;
 Policy Briefs on Delivering on the Promise of Entrepreneurship;
 Conference Book of Abstracts with an ISBN
Other opportunities with reputable journals are currently being pursued and will be announced closer to the Conference.

Only original works (i.e. not published elsewhere) will be considered for presentation and publication. All submissions will be double-blind reviewed and will also benefit from constructive feedback at the Conference.

A number of awards will be given, including for the Best Paper, Best Poster and the People's Choice Award.

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