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Managers increasingly are expected to consider large amounts of data to make faster and better decisions. Analytics is a technical tool that can be used to process all these data to find solutions.

This graduate certificate allows practicing executives, managers, and those on the managerial track, to understand their organization in terms of analytics, to make the best use of their organization’s analytics function, and to apply analytical models back into their organization. This is not a deeply technical program because few managers will need the highly technical skills of data scientists. But, rather, this is a program that will introduce managers to the latest advances in analytics and artificial intelligence so they can make more efficient and effective data-based decisions.

Students must complete 18 hours of coursework in Foundation of Analytics, Information Systems, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Visualization, and the Analytics Capstone course.

Applications for admission into the Analytics for Managers Certificate are accepted year-round for entry into any semester. Due to course sequencing, most students will find entry into a fall semester allows them to complete the certificate most expediently.

All application requirements, listed below, should be submitted to

  1. Graduate student status
    • Certificates are not considered graduate “programs of study.” Because of this, only graduate students who are already in a program of study or recognized as a non-declared student may apply for admission.
    • Please identify your status with us at the time of your application.
  2. Letter from your advisor
    • Please have your advisor submit a memorandum of support for your participation in completing our certificate. This does not need to be extensive, simply a statement that the program or school supports you in taking the time to complete the coursework for the certificate.
    • If you are currently a non-declared student and thus not in a program of study, this requirement is waived.
  3. Résumé
    • Please submit your latest résumé. This will help us determine your professional technical experience as well as see how our program might fit into your career path.

NOTE: If you wish to apply to the Certificate in Analytics for Managers as a non-declared student and are neither a citizen nor a permanent resident of the United States, please contact Nicholas at

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