Summer School in Development Economics 2019 (SSDEV2019)

The workshop will include presentations of both completed research papers and work‐in‐progress, both empirical and theoretical. The number of participants will be limited to about 60. About 15 will be selected for a forty-five minutes presentation, thus allowing for in‐depth discussion of each contribution. About 15-20 papers will be selected for a poster session that will be in place for the whole duration of the conference. Presentations by graduate students, post‐docs and other junior researchers who have recently acquired their PhD will be key components of the workshop. Applicants can submit either a complete paper or a detailed and well‐developed research proposal. We particularly welcome the submission of work‐in‐progress proposals that describe on‐going and promising research, likely to benefit from an open discussion about the main conceptual and methodological problems related to the project. Please note that participants are expected to attend the entire conference. Participants who do not wish to present a paper are also welcome.

Speakers who agreed to join include Martina BJORKMAN (Stockholm School of Economics), Erwin BULTE (Wageningen University), Dilip MOOKHERJEE (Boston University), Andrew F. NEWMAN (Boston University), Rohini SOMANATHAN (Delhi School of Economics), Rajesh RAMACHANDRAN (Goethe University).

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Regular fees: 500 - 650 EUR


Graduate students and post‐docs will be asked to pay a registration fee of €500, while faculty will be asked to pay a fee of €650. The fee will cover the costs of meals and lodging in double or triple room for the duration of the workshop (arrive 17th June 2019 - departure 21nd June 2019), but participants have to cover their travel expenses.

Monastero San Leonardo, Villa del Palco

Prato , Italy

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