Solidarity with Ukraine, ways to help and assisting international students fleeing war

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Solidarity with Ukraine, ways to help and assisting international students fleeing war

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A historic tragedy like the war in Ukraine calls for historic measures of outreach and solidarity. There is an urgent demand for humanitarian aid and safe passage for the hundreds of thousands of refugees already created by the war. This includes thousands of students at Ukranian universities who have had to flee the conflict.

How to help and donate

It is difficult to know how best to concretely help those in need. Of course, donating money provides an immediate form of assistance. If you have the means, you can assist institutions like the Kyiv School of Economics, which is raising funds for humanitarian aid. You can support their campaign with a donation on their website.

If your institution is offering assistance as well, please email and we will add your institution to the list below.

We also wish to direct your attention to some of the major humanitarian aid organizations working in Ukraine right now:

Alternatively, there are multiple organizations and initiatives with a more specific focus for the support they are offering.

Donate for Specific Types of Support

  • has established a special Ukraine Crisis fund to provide food, water, hygiene kits, psychosocial support, and cash assistance — prioritizing women and girls, families, and the elderly.
  • The Volkswagen Foundation is offering funding to Ukrainian academics and scientists who have fled their country and arrived in (or are in transit to) Germany. Doctoral students, postdocs, and established scientists have the opportunity to continue their work at a university or research institute in Germany for 6-12 months with the Foundation's help.

Support Transport for People Fleeing Ukraine:

  • Mission Lifeline are organizing transport convoys from the Ukraine Border.
  • CARA, the Council for At-Risk Academics, provides help to academics in dangerous situations. They and their UK university partners are helping Ukrainians flee their country and find safe areas to continue their work.

Support Journalism and Free speech:

Refugee Awareness

Refugee Week is a UK-wide festival that encourages understanding of refugees and celebrates "the contributions, creativity and resilience of refugees and people seeking sanctuary". This year's Refugee Week is in late June.

Helping students fleeing war

We are additionally concerned about multiple reports - from PBS, CNN, The Guardian and others - of international students, especially those from Africa, the Middle East and Asia, facing discrimination and violence when attempting to flee the conflict. We implore for their safe passage and the chance to continue their education in safety. 

If you have information about resources for students fleeing the conflict, particularly international students, please email so we can advertise and circulate this assistance with our audience of economics students and practitioners. So far, we are aware of:

The University of Hamburg's UHHhilft program assists refugees who have been forced to interrupt or stop their education. Normally, German or English language skills are essential, but the program is working on a way to advise students in Ukrainian. This is a good option for refugees seeking to begin or continue their studies.

Also, the Twitter account Science for Ukraine (@Sci_for_Ukraine) is collecting information about practical support provided by the global research community to Ukrainian researchers and students. This support covers all fields, not just economics.

Other ways to engage

Donations are not the only way to assist the humanitarian situation in Ukraine. Taking part in demonstrations or otherwise pressuring your lawmakers at home to take action will help change the dynamics of the conflict. Readers in Europe can even consider opening their homes via Airbnb, since the company has promised to host up to 100,000 refugees without charge.

Finally, be alert of misinformation and do not mistake the actions of those in power as necessarily representing the will of the people. Misinformation is a common tactic used to drum up support or paint conflict in a good light, but there is nothing good about unnecessary armed conflict. Moreover, many Russian citizens have been protesting against the invasion in displays of solidarity, and many or most Russian people, both within Russia and internationally, are likely as concerned at recent events as you are.

If you have additional information about helping people affected by the conflict in Ukraine, please email us at

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