Aarhus University School of Business and Social Sciences

Aarhus BSS is one of the five faculties at Aarhus University and one of the largest schools of business and social sciences in Europe.
The acronym BSS is short for Business and Social Sciences.

The school is home to six academic departments, all internationally recognised for their quality of educational and research activities, as well as a large number of internationally recognised research centres. Gathering all business and social science disciplines under the same strategic framework has created a dynamic and visionary organisation, which is flexible and changes in line with the society's needs for qualified graduates with the right skillsets.

Aarhus BSS holds the distinguished AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS accreditations, and is thereby a triple crown business school.

The research-based degree programmes offered by the school include highly recognised programmes within disciplines such as economics, finance, accounting, logistics, human resource management,
organisation, marketing, management information systems, innovation, entrepreneurship, business communication, law, psychology, public administration and political science.

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