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Mission Statement

The Crypto Asset Lab (CAL) is a research initiative on bitcoin and crypto assets as investment opportunity, fintech innovation, and regulatory challenge, with special regard for their disruptive role in the future of money and finance. We also pay attention to the innovations in cryptography and blockchain technology, given their relevance for privacy, security, and other applications (e.g. timestamping, see OpenTimestamps) but we do not subscribe to the widespread hype about blockchain potential beyond crypto assets.

We are a meeting point between academia, industry, institutions, and regulators; we encourage students, researchers, and practitioners to join us and help with research, development, training, teaching, and other experimental activities.

We promote the CAL yearly conference


University of Milano-Bicocca has been offering a “Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology” course since the 2015/2016 academic year. Crypto Asset Lab is a joint initiative of the Digital Gold Institute and our academic and scientific community.

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Milan, IT