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The Department of Economics was established in 1983 as a consequence of the union between the institute of economics at the faculty of economics and the institute of economics at the faculty of political sciences. It is currently the largest department of economics in Italy and their members actively contribute to research and scientific debate, both nationally and internationally. It is ranked  by the European Economics Association (EEA) as the leading economics department in Italy.

A challenging four-year degree designed for selected students with a strong commitment to economics and a proven ability for inquisitive and independent work. The program aims at training a selected group of outstanding scholars for a career as economists in academic institutions or in research departments of corporations, public organizations, financial institutions and the government.

The considerable diversification of research areas covered by the members of the Department of Economics, DSE, and their international reputation provide an outstanding environment for PhD studies. Students can find competent tutorship and tight guidance for their doctoral studies by the PhD Director, the Deputy Director and members of its large Faculty, that is composed by researchers who are at the cutting edge of world research in their fields.

The Graduate Students are encouraged to pursue a personalized curriculum by choosingcourses within a wide list of options.

The Faculty and the Placement Director actively assist PhD candidates for participation to the academic and non-academic job market.

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