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The department of Economics (DSE) at the University of Bologna is committed to scientific excellence in research, undergraduate, and graduate education. DSE researchers produce a steady output of top publications in international scientific journals. 

The DSE fosters theoretical and applied work in all fields of economics. Its members have been awarded prestigious international prizes and research grants (ERC, EU-funded research projects, to name a few). In a global perspective, the DSE is placed in the Tilburg UniversityTop 100 Worldwide Economics Schools Research Rankingwith rank increasing over time and second only to Bocconi among the Italian institutions. 

The DSE attracts a number of talented scholars with an international academic profile. More than 65% of associate professors and junior faculty members obtained their Ph.D. in the United States or in leading European universities.

The DSE regularly hosts international conferences and workshops and boasts two weekly series of research seminars by renowned scholars and faculty members. On top of running a very successful Ph.D. program in Economics, the department is also a leading promoter of graduate education networks and joint degrees, such as the Joint Degree in Health Economics and Management (with the Management Center Innsbruck, Erasmus University Rotterdam and University of Oslo); the European Doctorate in Law and Economics (with the University of Hamburg, of Rotterdam, and of Haifa). The department also boasts a state of the art laboratory for experiments in social sciences (BLESS) in cooperation with the European University Institute.


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