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As the patent office for Europe, we support innovation, competitiveness and economic growth across Europe.

The European Patent Office (EPO) was established in 1977 as an intergovernmental organization which grants patents to contracted states in Europe. EPO has both financial and administrative autonomy, and also supervises the activities of the European Patent Office.   


Every invention is unique. So is everyone in our team.

Our 7 000 employees from 35 countries prove that the best results are achieved together. As the patent office for Europe, we are proud to deliver high-quality patents and efficient services that foster innovation, competitiveness and economic growth. Our staff enjoy challenging work in a diverse environment.


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Our Areas of Work

Corporate Services: Learn more about the EPO's directorate-general for human resources, general administration, procurement, finance and business information technology.

Legal/International Affairs: Find out about the EPO's directorate-general for European and international co-operation, the unitary patent, legal affairs and services, patent information and more.

Boards of Appeal: Read about the judicial authority under the European Patent Convention that renders decisions on European patents at final instance.


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