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Iscte Business School traces its origins back to the former department of management sciences, established in 1972. Since then, this school is renowned for its innovative and entrepreneurial focus, international and multicultural environment, and its excellence in both learning and research. Furthermore, an extremely solid connection to the business world is reflected on the exceptional work placement rates of our graduates.

Putting it in numbers, we are constituted by a group of excellence that is formed by approximately 181 faculty members, which are distributed throughout our six departments: Accounting, Economics, Finance, Marketing, Operations and Management, Quantitative Methods for Management and Economics, and Human Resources and Organisational Behaviour. When it comes to the learning experience, we have more than 4000 students, who are enrolled in our 7 Undergraduate Programmes, 16 Master Programmes and 4 Doctorate Programmes.  

Iscte Business School is one of the five schools that constitute Iscte, together with the School of Sociology and Public Policy, the School of Social Sciences and Humanities, the School of Technology and Architecture and the School of Applied Digital Technologies.

Iscte Business Schools stands tall among Europe's top 50 Best Business Schools - Financial Times Best Business Schools Ranking

Our Mission is to co-create societal impact by providing close-to-practice high-quality education and research that promote responsible management.

Our Culture is based on the following core values:

Excellence: we strive for excellence through teaching, research and activities that promote creativity, critical thinking and continuous improvement, and are responsive to internal and external stakeholders' needs.

Community building: we foster a culture of proximity between learners, faculty and staff, which lasts beyond graduation through tight and supportive alumni relations.

Diversity and inclusion: we promote and value an environment where all are welcome and treated fairly and respectfully.

Innovation and entrepreneurship: we endorse innovation in curriculum, teaching, and research as well as an entrepreneurial spirit.

Social responsibility: we acknowledge our responsibility to contribute to society, thus we align our activities with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Integrity: Ethical behaviour guides the School's decisions and policies, and underlies the activities of the members of our community.

Message of the Dean

Iscte Business School is an internationally accredited business school that pioneered the teaching of management and business sciences in Portugal. Our mission is to help students to become innovative and socially responsible business leaders with a global perspective. To embrace this mission we promote intellectual rigor in the classroom and experiential learning.

Our programmes offer a hands-on learning experience. Our faculty team is qualified and experienced in teaching and research, and regularly publish in top-notch journals. In addition to the intellectual rigour and practical focus on both teaching and research, many academics carry knowledge of corporate world. Moreover, business leaders holding managerial positions also help us to bring innovation to the classrooms.

Our Career Services team helps students to establish links with the corporate world. Through initiatives such as Career Forum, Career Week, Company Open Days, among others, we encourage and support our students to learn how to become best marketplace job candidates and better explore career opportunities.

We are also committed to provide our students with international education. Among our large portfolio of programmes and courses, many are taught in English. International students as well as invited faculty also lend a support to this endeavour on campus. Moreover, our students can opt for a study abroad experience (including double degree, exchange or short-term studies) in one of our international and well recognised partner schools located all over the world.

Special mention has to be made of the close relationship that Iscte Business School faculty and staff develop with our students and the concern for their well-being which is a decisive factor for their high academic performance.

All these distinctive features of our school build its growing reputation at home and internationally. Employability levels close to 100% and a large number of alumni working abroad, many of whom holding leadership positions in multinational companies, reveal Iscte Business School recognition of not only the high quality of the training given to the students, but also their ability to perform and excel in new and challenging environments.

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