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Scientific background

The research project focuses on the tourism transitions that are required for destinations sustainability. The aim is to structure a framework for analyzing the changes needed to warrant the sustainability of the identity of touristic territories.

Tourism is conceived here as a pillar of identity building, a vector of authenticity and specificities that differentiate the destination. This construction is rooted in a territory exploited by actors with heterogeneity in their rationality, in their spatial and temporal references and in their divergent interests. In a context of global risks and localized uncertainties, several factors threaten this construction. They are either environmental, economic, social or political. Territorial identity then becomes one of the commons that global as well as local disruptions challenge, which raises the question of vulnerability and resilience in touristic identity of territories.

A systemic conception of the tourist destination is expected. A holistic understanding of strong sustainability at the crossroads of life sciences, social sciences and exact sciences is favored.

The Post-Doc will have the task of building the foundations for an integrated modelling of the viability of the touristic identity of territories.


Tasks description

The recruited Post-Doc will have to:

  • structure a bibliographic network of disciplinary and interdisciplinary publications of reference;
  • deduce a typology of tourist transitions;
  • design a framework for an integrated analysis of the state of sustainability of the identity of a tourist territory;
  • suggest tools to support strategic decision-making and territorial governance that promote the sustainability of tourism identity;
  • contribute to a scientific validation that is part of an inter/transdisciplinary development and that is intended to feed into the axis 3 of the Group of Scientific Interest in Tourism on the invention and re-invention of tourism.


Scientific supervision

Under the scientific supervision of Samuel Bates (Full Professor of Economics at Esthua), the whole research will require exchanges with:

  1. SIG Tourism stakeholders within the framework of the RFI Angers TourismLab;
  2. Researchers or associates of Esthua, GRANEM and complementary networks.



The targeted post-Doc must have defended his PhD at January 2018 the earliest or have experienced a very promising first research experience, including international experience. The candidate must show research skills from publication(s) in disciplinary journal(s) of reference.



Are expected:

  • Skills selected from the following list: graph theory, social network theory, evolutionary game theory, mathematical viability theory, analysis of controlled dynamic systems, numerical computation, multi-criteria / multi-attribute or multi-agent models, composite indexes, serious games, adaptive governance;
  • Specialization at the crossroads of at least one discipline from each following group:

Group A: Computer Science, Mathematics, Ecology

Group B: Sociology; Geography, Economics-Management

  • Fluency in written english;
  • Interpersonal skills.



Full-time fixed-term contract (12 months)

Expected start date: September / October 2019

Gross (net) wage:         3,800 (2,178) euros

                                    4,247 (2,435) US dollars approximately

Workload: 35 hours/week

Professional address: UFR Esthua, Tourism and Culture - University of Angers

7 Allée François Mitterrand, 49100 Angers

Scientific affiliation: Angevin Group in Economics and Management (GRANEM)


Answer to this call for application

Send your resume and cover letter to with the subject line "RECRUITMENT POST-DOC".

NB: Letters of recommendation are optional but welcome.

Deadline : June 23rd 2019

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UFR Esthua 7 allée François Mitterrand, 49100 Angers

Angers , France