Senior Principle Biostatistician

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Executive / senior industry position

Your role:

In applying statistical methods to data from observational studies and clinical trials in GBEM (Global Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Medical Writing) China.

In this role, you will provide statistical support, without direction (or limited direction) from senior manager, for multiple programs of drug development especially in oncology TA.

You will work closely with clinical and cross-functional researchers to provide statistical expertise on all aspects of studies as the lead statistician. You will ensure the use of appropriate statistical methods and sound interpretation of study results. Specific activities may include participating in study design and protocol development, writing statistical analysis plans, performing or overseeing data management, conducting statistical analysis, summarizing methods and results of analysis in written reports and/or for peer-reviewed scientific publication.

In addition, you will act as the leading/supportive role for Medical Affairs activities.

Who you are:

Mid- or senior-level MS or PhD biostatistician.

HR: 95598

Functional Area: Research & Development

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Executive / senior industry position


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