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Ph.D. at the Department of Economics - Roma Tre University

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The Department of Economics of Roma Tre University opens submissions for the the 38th cycle of Ph.D. program in ECONOMICS.

There are 8 positions available per academic year, 6 of which are endowed with a scholarship. The program lasts 36 months and periods of study and research at foreign universities, institutions and international research centres are strongly encouraged.

Key info:

Ph.D. in Economics, Roma Tre University

Program duration: 36 months

Type: Ph.D. programs

Application deadline: 24th August

Funding: 6 (€16,243 gross/year; fellowship can be increased by 50% when student visits foreign universities & institutions)

Attendance: On-campus

The Department of Economics

The Department of Economics was born in 1993 with the aim of promoting training, the advancement of research and the dissemination of culture in the economic, law, mathematical and statistical fields, with a highly multidisciplinary approach. Now it encompasses around 50 lecturers, 15 research fellows, 30 Ph.D. students, coming from different disciplines: economists, statisticians, jurists, mathematicians, finance and marketing experts. A vibrant community connected to institutions and high-level academy around the world, with a strong orientation towards research networks and funds attraction.

The campus has been designed and equipped to offer high quality education with advanced digital technologies. The computer lab has two rooms with 85 workstations and a thought selection of scientific softwares. The Pierangelo Garegnani library has two large reading rooms, with 250 study stations disposed on two levels. A large collection of books is available for consultation and borrowing. Electronic databases allow to access a large selection of scientific journals and data collections. The spaces outside the buildings and their terraces are extremely livable and useful for socializing.

Come and discover our Ph.D. program!

Ph.D. in Economics

The Ph.D. program in Economics offers the opportunity to research many areas of Economics following a plurality of theoretical approaches and with a strong emphasis on the empirical analysis.

The Ph.D. program rests upon long-standing research and teaching cooperation with other prestigious Italian and foreign universities (University of Massachusetts at Amherst, London School of Economics and Political Science), national and international research centres (Centro Rossi-Doria, Centro Sraffa, Institute for New Economic Thinking) and organizations (Food and Agriculture Organization, International Fund for Agricultural Development).

Periods of study and research at foreign universities, institutions and international research centres are encouraged.


• 6 Full scholarship (36 months) and research funds for admitted students

• Advanced classes on core subjects (macroeconomics, microeconomics, mathematics and statistics)

• Close interaction with universities and research centres located in Rome

• Links to top international universities and research networks

• Participation in national and international research projects

Get in touch

For information on the call for applications and selection procedures, please contact the secretary of the Ph.D. in Economics: Dott.ssa Barbara Cafini


tel.: +39 06 57335654

Web page: 

More information on the research at the Department of Economics:


Key dates: Application must be submitted between 23th July and 24th August

Applications are now open

Closing date: 24th August 2pm CET time


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