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14 PhD Scholarships โ€“ Call for applications

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Phd programs, postgraduate scholarships

The University of Trento is now inviting applications from qualified candidates for 14 PhD Scholarships in its three PhD programmes:

PhD programme in Sociology and Social Research (5 scholarships)

The programme provides state-of-the-art research training and teaches advanced professional skills in sociology and social research. Besides providing a solid foundation in the disciplines, including a broad range of quantitative and qualitative methods, the Programme places strong emphasis on theoretically driven empirical sociology. The PhD Programme in Sociology and Social Research is open to proposals on all kinds of topics related to Sociological research. Particular attention will be paid to proposals fitting in the following research areas highlighted in the description of the PhD programme, among them:

  • social and demographic change; 
  • comparative sociology; welfare and social policies; 
  • social inequality studies and stratification research (class, education, cohort, gender); 
  • economic sociology, labour market and organizational studies; 
  • migration studies; 
  • political sociology (political participation, social movements, public opinion research); 
  • digital sociology, computational social sciences
  • communication and cultural sociology
  • cognitive sociology

PhD programme in Economics and Management (5 scholarships)

The programme focuses on the fields of decision sciences, organization and human resource management with special attention to methodologies used in a behavioural approach to economic studies. Such an approach is increasingly adopted to generate predictions about market dynamics, particularly in the fields of finance and consumption, as well as to design organizations and institutions. Particular emphasis will be given to research proposals on the following subjects:

  • Behavioral approach to individual managerial decision making.
  • Financial Networks: estimation and reconstruction approaches to prevent systemic crises.
  • Graphical model estimation for economic and financial analysis
  • Machine learning for high frequency financial data analysis
  • Performance management system and social impact measurement in hybrid organizations
  • Esg scores: methods and applications
  • Models of Manager and Firm Performance
  • Productivity dynamics and firmโ€™s performance: the role of technological change and international activity.

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PhD programme in Sustainability: Economics, Environment, Management and Society - SUSTEEMS (4 scholarships)

The programme focuses on the development and implementation of models and methods in the multidisciplinary nexus of economic, environmental and social sustainability. Such methodologies include: sustainable economic models and tools for managing natural resources, sustainable business and management models and tools for companies, institutions, for-profit and non-profit organizations. Particular emphasis will be given to research proposals on the following subjects:

  • Sustainability, impact evaluation and risk assessment for the natural environment (e.g. climate change), the economy (e.g. green technologies) and the society (e.g. social innovation); 
  • Non-market valuation for sustainability;
  • The impact of regulations and norms on sustainable development;
  • Business models in a world of technological and organizational change, and social innovation;
  • Tools for sustainable management of businesses and territories;
  • Economic inequality, female participation in the labour market and sustainability


Application Deadline: May 26, 2022 - 4 p.m. (Italian time)

All programmes are full time and will be taught in English by members of the universityโ€™s multi-national faculty. No tuition fees are charged and the scholarships are adequate to cover living expenses in Trento.

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