Career Integration Fellowships for western Economics PhDs teaching in CEE/fSU

The CERGE-EI Foundation invites applications for its Career Integration Fellowship (CIF) for economics scholars returning to teach in the CEE/fSU Region

The CERGE-EI Foundation is currently accepting applications for its Career Integration Fellowship (CIF) program.

The CIF program provides support of USD 7200 per year for three years for Western-trained Economics PhDs who accept full-time academic appointments at universities in Central and Eastern Europe or the countries of the former Soviet Union (CEE/fSU).

In addition to financial support, the fellowship also provides academic support, including opportunities to make research visits to CERGE-EI in Prague and access to CERGE-EI's excellent economic library resources on site and remotely. Fellows join an established community of outstanding economists with Western education who are making significant strides in helping to modernize education in this vital field of study in the region.

Applications for the three year period starting in autumn 2019 will be accepted until April 2, 2019. Decisions will be made public within two weeks of the deadline. Late applicants may be considered on a case-by-case basis but strong preference is given to those who submit before the deadline.

In cases where an applicant is considering a job offer from an eligible university in the region and their acceptance of that offer is conditional upon receiving a CIF fellowship, we are often able to fast-track the decision process.

Questions about the program or requests for more information may be sent to

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36 Months

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7200 USD

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Estonia, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Czech Republic, Poland, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Russia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovakia, Hungary, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Serbia, Georgia, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania


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