CERGE-EI in Prague, Czech Republic is a joint workplace of Charles University and the Economics Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences. CERGE-EI is dedicated to excellence and innovation in economic research and education. It is ranked globally in the top 5% of economics institutions by SSRN and RePEC. CERGE-EI students come from 35 countries. Its alumni pursue academic careers in university departments around the world and rise to senior positions in the private and public sectors.

CERGE-EI offers graduate programs in Economics:

  • PhD in Economics, a rigorous program designed for outstanding students interested in economic research. Similar to top western institutions, the program consists of two years of MA-level coursework and two or more years of dissertation research. Students who successfully complete the two years of coursework receive a US MA in Economics degree. The majority of students receive a tuition waiver and a living stipend. Graduates receive both US and Czech doctoral degrees. The program accepts outstanding BA and MA holders. BA holders are required to simultaneously enroll into the Master in Economic Research and submit a Master thesis at the end of the second year.
  • Master in Economic Research, a rigorous program designed for outstanding students who have completed their undergraduate studies (BA holders) and are interested in economic research. Graduates receive a Czech degree fully accredited by Charles University. The program is an integral part of the PhD study track at CERGE-EI. Students simultaneously enrolled in the PhD study track (of the PhD in Economics program) receive a living stipend.
  • Masters in Applied Economics, an intensive, empirically based program designed for ambitious students interested in gaining the essential practical skills demanded by local and international employers. The program is tuition based and students receive a US MA in Applied Economics degree.

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