Digital Tools to Make Your Lectures More Efficient and Engaging

Digital Tools for Teaching

Digital Tools to Make Your Lectures More Efficient and Engaging

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The educational sector's global value is worth trillions of dollars worldwide. Education technology, or EdTech, has risen into a worldwide phenomenon, and a market that is expected to grow and grow. What tools can lecturers use to make their teaching more engaging?

To help you enhance your educational offerings, inspire your students and make your lectures all the more interesting, here are some EdTech-based digital tools that will help.


We are living in a world rich in digital data - and as a lecturer, you can gain a great deal of insights by looking at the right trends and metrics.

Echo360, a digital tool developed for educators looking to improve their approach to teaching, offers real-time data and analytical tools though the platform based on student engagement and classroom-based trends that can help you make your lectures more interesting.

Moreover, this comprehensive platform also offers video learning and streaming tools that will allow you to offer your students stimulating visuals.

Google Expeditions

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) has given educators the power to take their students on inspiring, immersive journeys without leaving the classroom or lecture hall.

As Google Earth VR and Google Expeditions become a genuine part of the public’s everyday consciousness, there has never been more scope to to take your students on a virtual field trip.

Take VR innovator Titans of Space for instance. This cutting-edge company offers a virtual tour of the solar system which teachers are now using to add a brand new and exciting level of value in the classroom. And as more institutions have started utilising the power of Google Expeditions for digital field trips, its usage has surpassed the one million student mark.


Digital Tools



We as humans respond exceptionally well to visual content including imagery and video.

To make your lecture more exciting, interesting and personalized, creating your own video content centered on on the aims, needs, goals and preferences (your digital data will help you make decisions here) will yield incredibly positive results.

An easy to learn cloud-based online video editing tool, WeVideo makes it simple for lecturers to create inspiring, educational narratives and develop a portfolio of visual content tailored to your class using minimal time or effort.  

To give you an idea of the results, here’s a video that has been created on the platform

Pollmaker’s Quiz Maker

To make your classes more interactive and intuitive, creating and hosting web-based quizzes is an incredibly effective way of engaging your students and ensuring they are benefiting from the content of your lectures.

One particularly effective digital tool for educational quiz-making is Poll Maker’s Quiz Maker. Not only is the platform free and easy to adopt, simple to personalise and has an excellent scoring system to add a healthy competitive element to your lectures.

It goes without saying: regardless of the tools or platforms you use in the classroom, the success of a lecture largely boils down to the quality of the lecturer. We know you’re excellent at what you do, but we hope these digital tools and platforms will serve to help you inspire and educate your students in ways you never previously thought possible - good luck.

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