Top YouTube Channels to Learn Econometrics and Economics

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Top YouTube Channels to Learn Econometrics and Economics

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Online learning is not a novelty anymore. During the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown, many institutions were forced to invest in their online program offerings - or simply adjust their courses to be online-friendly. But sometimes it’s nice to learn without having to fully commit to a long program. Other times, learning from a different source can help new concepts make sense, or can refresh the memory.

So, are you looking for resources to learn economics online? INOMICS has got you covered, whatever your reason. We’ve published various articles that aim to help our readers make the most of online resources already out there.

Some of the most popular thus far have included free and paid for online courses in econometrics, lessons in mathematics and statistics, and a list of the best (in our humble opinion) economics podcasts. Continuing in this vein, we would now like to share with you a list of the best YouTube channels we could find, updated for 2022 and useful for any student of economics.

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Best economic YouTube channels


We’re big readers here at INOMICS, but did you know that you can watch our content, too? Aimed at young economists, our Youtube channel’s fun, short, and informative videos help explain all those economics terms you should know, but often don't...Need a quick definition of the prisoner's dilemma? INOMICS has just the video for you.

New Economic Thinking

It’s important to question conventional understandings of economics, especially when they may uphold systems of oppression or hide ideological assumptions that need unpacking, debating and challenging. The Institute for New Economic Thinking’s channel does an excellent job of this, featuring regular interviews with economists at the front-line who are moving the discipline forward.

Marginal Revolution University

Marginal Revolution University believes that economics has the power to change the way you see the world. Their mission is to help you discover your inner economist, one video at a time. With full courses like the principles of micro and macroeconomics, mastering econometrics and series like everyday economics, checking out MRU really is a must for any budding economics student.

Suggested Opportunities


Next up is EconplusDal. Frustrated by the lack of economics help available when studying economics himself, EconplusDal is trying to right that wrong. Now as a fully trained economics teacher, he makes videos especially for economics students to help them pass their exams. If you are an International Baccalaureate student or studying for an A Level exam in the UK, his specialized exam content makes this the channel for you.

Jacob Clifford

Meanwhile, if you’re a student in the United States Jacob Clifford has specialized exam content just for you. With over 500,000 subscribers, he's definitely doing something right.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization with the mission of providing a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. With over five million subscribers, they cover a lot more than just economics topics, but their economics content is really great. If you need to understand a particular theory, the chances are they’ve covered it.

One Minute Economics

All of One Minute Economics videos are lovingly animated and narrated by Andrei Polgar who has a passion for teaching people economics. No long introductions, or unnecessary fluff, Polgar gets straight to the point and therefore well worth a look.

Economics Explained

In the video essay genre, Economics Explained takes a wide-ranging look at a whole host of economics topics. They are particularly well-known for their deep dives on the economy of a particular country. It can be a fun break from all the lesson-style economics content available.

Ben Lambert 

Ben Lambert's videos provide detailed commentaries on the main undergraduate and graduate courses most universities offer in economics. They are taught through a series of lectures given on an animated chalkboard. Watching his videos, you get an impression of exactly what an economics degree will be like - without having to pay the admission fee!

Ashley Hodgson

An associate professor of economics at St. Olaf College, Ashley Hodgson has been busy making lots of videos on her channel. Her favorite topics include behavioral economics, blockchain, health care, game theory and microeconomic theory. These videos are great for university level students! She also includes videos on fun and interesting behavioral economics topics, like love and kindness.

The Economist

First up, you really can’t go wrong with a quick follow of The Economist’s YouTube channel. Every Thursday they post a video that highlights the best of its reporting from its print and digital edition. This is also a good way to stay on top of current events relevant for economists.

The Financial Times

The Financial Times’ YouTube channel showcases some of the best of their journalism in visual form. With the stated aim to inform and inspire you, a quick follow can add color to the latest economics stories of the day.

If this list still has not quenched your appetite for economics content, you can check out our own Economics Terms A-Z or our Blog to see what our economist contributors are writing about!


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