Econometrics Conferences 2014

Econometrics Conferences 2014

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Econometrics is a thorough discipline that demands time and effort to be mastered. For many people who want to pursue a degree in economics it serves as an obstacle, but as we’ve shown before, there are many resources you can use to your advantage to become proficient in it: blogs and podcasts can introduce you to the topic and give practical advice, free online courses will incentivize you to learn systematically and increase your ability to perform a research using different econometrics and statistical software like “R” or “Stata”, and YouTube channels can greatly support your studies by giving access to lectures and tutorials of great professors at any time convenient for you.

For those of you who already feel comfortable enough with at least basic econometrics and see the discipline as a vital tool for any research project and an indispensable part of any empirical study, participating in a conference might be the next step. To help you to take a decision which event to attend, we collected a number of econometrics conferences and workshops worldwide published on INOMICS, where researchers and econometricians gather to exchange experiences and discuss advances in the field (in chronological order):

1. Advances in Econometrics Conference at University of California, US (February 22-23, 2014) focuses on Bayesian Model Comparison.
Deadline for paper submission: January 10, 2014

2. 3rd PhD Student Conference in International Macroeconomics and Financial Econometrics in Nanterre, France (March 19, 2014) covers such topics as exchange rates and exchange rate regimes, contagion mechanisms and systemic risk and financial and commodity markets.
Deadline for paper submission:  December 20, 2013 (!)

3. 13th International Workshop on Spatial Econometrics and Statistics in Toulon, France (April 15-16, 2014) gives emphasis to particular issues and applications in the fields of urban economics, land use and climate or environmental change.
Deadline for paper submission: January 15, 2014

4. 11th International Conference Forecasting Financial Markets and Economic Decision-Making in Lodz, Poland (May 15-16, 2014) focuses on macro- and micro economic modelling, business cycles analyses and advances in financial econometrics.
Deadline for paper submission: February 1, 2014

5. IWcee14 – International Workshop on Computational Economics and Econometrics in Rome, Italy (June 26-27, 2014) is organized by the Institute for Economic Research on Firms and Growth and focuses on socio economics of networks.
Deadline for paper submission: May 1, 2014

6. IAAE 2014 Annual Conference of International Association for Applied Econometrics in London, UK (June 26-28, 2014) brings together leading researchers in the field to discuss theoretical and practical aspects.
Deadline for paper submission: February 1, 2014

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