Research Funding in Economics in Europe

Research Funding in Economics in Europe

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Source: Survey on Research Funding for the Social Sciences in Europe, Ramon Marimon, Igor Guardiancich, Mike Mariathasan, Eva Rossi, European University Institute, 2011

Searching and applying for funding opportunities is an ongoing process in any research department. The amount of paper work, complicated grants applications and high time expenditures have even created a demand for professionals who are able to deal with the complex administration procedures.

Last year the European University Institute (Academic Careers Observatory of Max Weber Programme) published a Survey on Research Funding for the Social Sciences in Europe. The survey discloses findings about experience and personal perceptions of the respondents concerning research funding sources and procedures.

One of the interesting snapshots form from the survey is an the amount of funding received by applicants in 2010. Despite the ongoing critique about the complexity of European grants application procedures, the European Research Council (ERC) as well as the European Commission Framework Programme (EC FP) and the National Public Grants remain the main sources for research funding in economics in Europe. According to the survey, the largest part of annual average research funding in economics came from ERC (186,360 Euros). The second and third main sources of the funding were National Public Grants (72,735 Euros) and EC FP (69,199 Euros). The respondents of the survey obtained 34,656 Euros from their own Institutions, 27,936 Euros from Consultancies, 27,866 Euros from National Private Grants and 23,412 Euros from Public Regional Grants. Prizes and Regional Private Grants account for the least of research funding in economics: 5,551 Euros and 6,992 Euros respectively.

To learn more about methodology and other aspects of research funding in social science, you can read the full survey here.


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