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          Top 10 Summer Schools 2016: Economics


Top 10 Summer Schools 2016: Economics

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If you want to learn about a new topic, to brush up on your skills, or to meet more people in your field, then summer schools are an ideal opportunity. Generally aimed at undergraduates, masters students, PhD students, researchers and professionals, these short courses involve teaching, discussion, and group projects.

If you're an economics student, today we're listing the top 10 summer schools for you to attend in 2016:

Economics Summer Schools at Barcelona GSE

Organizer: Barcelona GSE
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Duration: Jun 27, 2016 to Jul 8, 2016
Details: The Barcelona Graduate School of Economics welcomes the summer with a diverse range of summer schools in economics and related fields. These short summer programs are addressed to researchers, professionals and graduate students who want to improve their competences in specific fields of knowledge. Renowned academics and leading practitioners teach the summer school courses, which draw participants from all over the world.

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PSE Summer School

Organizer: Paris School of Economics 
Location: Paris, France
Duration: Jun 27, 2016 to Jul 8, 2016
Details: PSE Summer School offers research-oriented teaching by leading experts in their fields. It seeks to gather Master and PhD students, post-doctoral students, academics, and professionals. PSE proposes four intensive one-week programmes, each being a full-time mix of coherent courses on topical issues, taught by PSE professors.

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EcoMod Modeling School Prague

Organizer: EcoMod
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Duration: Jun 27, 2016 to Jul 1, 2016
Details: EcoMod is the world’s leading research, advisory, and educational not-for-profit network dedicated to promoting advanced modeling and statistical techniques in economic policy and decision making. Its summer school curriculum includes courses in general equilibrium modeling, GVAR, DSGE, fiscal and budgetary policy and macro-econometric modeling using GAMS, Matlab, dynare and Eviews. The training is fully practical and provides 'hands-on' experience through intensive use of exercises on the computer. EcoMod offers a limited number of partial scholarships to candidates from developing countries and transition economies. New course available on Tax Revenue Modeling Using Econometric and Microsimulation Techniques with EViews and Stata!

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11th Advanced Summer School on Nonlinear Cross-Section and Panel Regression Models with Focus on Count Data

Organizer: University of Crete
Location: Crete, Greece
Duration: Jul 31, 2016 to Aug 7, 2016
Details: This course taking place in a beautiful city of Crete will cover regression methods for count data, such as number of doctor visits, where the dependent variable is a nonnegative integer. While the focus is on count data, most of the methods are applicable to nonlinear regression models in general, and the relevant general frameworks will be presented ahead of specialization to counts. All methods will be carefully illustrated in full detail by applications to cross-section and panel count data examples.

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Global School in Empirical Research Methods (GSERM)

Organizer: University of St. Gallen
Location: St. Gallen, Switzerland
Duration: Jun 2, 2016 to Jun 24, 2016
Details: This summer school is a high-calibre 3.5 week integrated programme teaching methodology for PhD students and postdocs from leading universities all over the world. The GSERM offers an attractive course-based learning atmosphere on different aspects of empirical research. Participants can choose from different courses (one course per week) offered as block seminars led by internationally renowed lecturers.

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Warwick Economics Summer School

Organizer: University of Warwick
Location: Coventry, United Kingdom
Duration: Jul 17, 2016 to Aug 6, 2016
Details: The Department of Economics at The University of Warwick offers a three week programme aimed at current undergraduates studying economics, students progressing to Masters level study as well as professionals. All courses on offer are taught by world leading economists including professors: Ken Binmore (CBE), Andrew Oswald, Marcus Miller and Abhinay Muthoo. It is an excellent opportunity for students to further enhance their skills and knowledge in economics through studying at one of the leading economics departments in Europe.

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The 8th Summer School International - Global & Chinese Economy

Organizer: Peking University
Location: Beijing, China
Duration: Jul 4, 2016 to Jul 29, 2016
Details: This summer program offers a wide variety of academic courses in economics taught in English. It also provides Chinese language courses to students at beginner's level. All courses will be held at the Peking University campus. Upon completion of the programme, students will receive an official transcript and earn academic credits from Peking University.

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International Summer Program in Economics Education

Organizer: Hebrew University
Location: Jerusalem, Israel
Duration: Jul 11, 2016 to Aug 11, 2016
Details: A five-week summer school in economics includes a series of courses in economics and finance designed to prepare students for graduate studies (in the U.S. and Europe). The courses are taught by leading Hebrew University faculty and supported by teaching assistants who meet with the students throughout the program.

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ÊSTIMATE - Early Summer Tutorial In Modern Applied Tools of Econometrics

Organizer: Michigan State University
Location: East Lansing, MI, United States
Duration: Jun 3, 2016 to Jun 5, 2016
Details: Econometrics has long been a strength of the Economics Department at Michigan State University. Their summer program gives empirical practitioners, academic researchers, industry/government researchers/analysts, and graduate students, access to econometrics training usually reserved for students formally enrolled in PhD programs at MSU. ÊSTIMATE is an intensive weekend workshop taught by world class econometricians. ÊSTIMATE’s focus is modern econometric tools as used in practice. Participants learn methods and techniques to use immediately in their empirical research. ÊSTIMATE’s goal is to broaden and improve the practice of econometric methods throughout empirical research and data analysis in academics, industry and government.

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Summer School in Health Economics and Statistics

Organizer: The American University of Paris
Location: Paris, France
Duration: Jun 6, 2016 to Jul 15, 2016
Details:  Renowned for 50 years for its international curriculum, engaged faculty, and location under the Eiffel tower, The American University of Paris offers an excellent educational experience and one of the most diverse student bodies in the world. The intensive summer session packs into 6 weeks all of the quality of its American-style curriculum against the backdrop of the City of Light. The summer school focuses on the role played by relative market prices in our society and on the forces of market supply and demand in determining these prices. Since the actions of consumers and firms underlie supply and demand, the course studies in detail the behavior of these two groups.

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Harvard Summer School in Economics

Organizer: Harvard Summer School
Location: Cambridge, MA, USA
Duration: Jun 21, 2016 to Aug 6, 2016
Details: Are you a college student, a professional seeking advancement, or an international student interested in studying at Harvard for the summer? This course aims to build a theoretical framework for international monetary economics and apply it to a better understanding of both the historical and current international monetary system and recent policy implications. Throughout the course, country case studies and quantitative analysis supplement the core material.

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