What is Wrong with Study Fairs? Effective Student Recruitment

What is Wrong with Study Fairs? Effective Student Recruitment

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In the light of global demographic changes, universities increasingly have to look for lead sources from abroad. Traditionally, exhibiting at study fairs has been the most common way to attract students internationally. However, technology is moving fast and in recent years a number of effective marketing channels for universities have developed online. Some course marketers still argue that study fairs are the only way to establish personal contact with the students, but a comparison of the benefits of both channels gives the best illustration of their effectiveness.


Advantages of Online Advertising as a Student Recruitment Channel

 - Geo Targeting

 - Discipline Niche Targeting

 - Cost-Per-Lead Estimation

 - Data & Tracking Tools

 - Follow-Up Automation

 - Overall Costs

 - Overall Reach

 - Reputation Management

 - Segmentation of Target Audience

 - Alumni Engagement

 - Emperical Channel Evaluation

Without a doubt, online advertisement is a broad term and a concrete marketing channel choice as well as its proper use is crucial. But if you understand how to make the best use of these channels, study fair attendance might just move down the priorities when setting next year’s budget.




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