What to expect from an Announcement

Inside 11AN

What to expect from an Announcement


Previously, we revealed the top 10 tips and tricks while posting an Announcement, as well as the process to publish content on our websites and now, we are pleased to share with you the second instalment of “Inside 11AN”. We'd to highlight and explain the promotional items included in our Announcements so that you can select the option that best matches your Institution.

We offer 4 different Announcement levels to suit your marketing goals and every budget. Each Announcement level includes different levels of promotion: on the website; via email listings and; on our social media platforms. Each Announcement level also carries with it a different appearance and layout. Below you can find a summary of the visibility levels: 

Visibility levels Announcements 11AN

The following graph is only a guideline of the performance of all our Announcement levels. Performance varies depending on each Announcement.

Stats Announcement Levels


Announcement promotion & layout 

Timeframe of promotion of Announcements online

When you book a Single Announcement or a Pack, Announcements are designed to stay online and promoted until the application deadline (max. 90 days from posting/ online date)*.

Exceptions apply depending on the campaign booked. If you post a study program, the announcement stays online and is searchable but not promoted after the application deadline. Users can browse through the website and find the Online Announcement. However, your Online Announcement will not be highlighted or recommended on the website. Further, the Online Announcement will neither be promoted nor be visible on any of our offline marketing channels.

To continue the promotion you should book an extension. Extensions can be booked up to 6 months after posting date. Extensions prices vary according to the Announcement level ou booked. For more information, please visit our Pricing Overview. 

Design of Announcement

Example of a Premium Announcement

Design of Announcement


You can choose up to 10 priority countries to increase the visibility of your Announcement. With Geo-Targeting, your Announcement receives better visibility in your selected countries' website search results, home pages and email alerts.

Enhanced search positioning

Appear among the top search results for longer periods, which increase according to the level of promotion booked. In addition, Featured and Premium levels include Reposts. With a Repost, your Announcement will be refreshed and brought back to the top of search results and be included again in the E-mail Alerts, on our Social Media platforms, via the E-Mail & Social Media shots listed in the Email Alerts and, on the Social Media of our niche platforms. We display your logo (depending on announcement level) and key information about your offer. The listing links to your Announcement.

If you have any questions or need assistance posting your announcement, please feel free to contact us at info@11academianetworks.com. We'd be happy to chat with you and assist you in choosing the best online Announcement or campaign setup based on your budget and marketing goals and needs.