Meet Guilherme: a Master’s Student in Economics at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil

Meet Guilherme: a Master’s Student in Economics at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil

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Guilherme Morlin is a Brazilian currently pursuing his Master’s degree in Economics at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Guilherme is also our lucky winner of $100 Amazon Gift Card in the recent INOMICS Review Prize Draw. Students and researchers from all over the world took part in the contest by submitting reviews of the universities and institutions where they study or work.

Guilherme agreed on sharing his study experience with us. We are happy to publish his interview here.

What did motivate you to visit INOMICS and take part in the contest? Will the prize contribute to your academic development?

A classmate told me about INOMICS as we were searching for courses and scholarships in several countries. I found out about the contest on the website itself and I decided to take part. The prize will be useful for acquiring important books for my current study and research.

What did encourage you to pursue your Master's?

I decided to do my Master’s because I plan to follow the academic career. UFRJ is a good university in my country and is formed by some nationally and internationally recognized professors.

The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro – here Guilherme is doing his Master’s

Credit: Fulviusbsas

What specialization did you choose and why?

I decided to focus on Macroeconomics, since it is a research field that interacts with those most important issues in the economy. Also, this is a field full with divergences and debate, which presents posibilities for a curious scientist.

Which channels do you use for gaining reputation in the academic world?

I usually receive an actualization each week by email. Then I review the changes and new opportunities offered in my area.

How do you see your future academic career? Which positions are you aiming at and where would you like to work?

I would like to work as a professor in Brazil.

Which tips would you give to other Master's students?

I would advice them to stay informed on opportunities and courses that can improve their abilities and help with their research. Also, they should be patient, since it is a fase of hard work with few immediate results. Finally, the usual tip is to maintain their discipline!

Is the INOMICS platform useful for you? What do you use it for?

INOMICS has been quite useful, since information about courses, universitites and scholarships is usually hard to access. This is especially true when it comes to the quantity of information one can obtain on INOMICS.

We are glad that we can help Guilherme in making his career decisions and contribute to his academic development. We wish him a lot of success in achieving his goals.

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