Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Economics University Teachers

Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Economics University Teachers

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Christmas is coming up soon, and you know what that means – it's time for Christmas shopping! If you're thinking about getting a present for your economics teacher at university, here are our suggestions for top gifts for them.

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1. Monopoly

The absolute classic gift for an economist is the Monopoly board game, which was designed to explain trades and property acquisition to children. Who doesn't love a good board game? Just don't blame use if it causes drama over Christmas...

2. GDP: keep it real magnets

Give these magnets to your teacher so they can show off their nerdy sense of humour. With the formula for GDP written right there, they can refer to a nation's GDP every time they open their fridge.

3. Can You Outsmart an Economist? - Puzzle Book

Do you know an economics teacher who can't resist a challenge (i.e. probably any economist). Then give them this econ-flavoured puzzle book. 

4. One year's access to The Economist digital archive

The Economist is a beloved publication which is known for some of the best coverage of business, finance, and politics. But its historical archives are a wealth of fascinating information too. Gift your favourite teacher with a year's access to The Economist's digital archive and they'll have interesting material to read all year long.

5. First class economics teacher mug

Of all the economics teachers you could have ended up with, you got one who's really great, right? That's why you want to buy them a gift! So show your appreciation with any one of these witty economics teacher mugs.

6. Trust me, I'm an economist apron

In times of uncertainty and doubt, who should you turn to? An economist, of course! That's the basis of this “Trust me, I'm an economist” shirt.

7. Macroeconomics reference guide poster

For a slightly more sensible present which would be practical and useful for an economics teacher, this laminated poster lays out the basic principles of macroeconomics and would make a great addition to any economics classroom.

8. Supply and demand throw pillow

For something on the more fun and silly end of the presents scale, here's a pillow which helpfully charts out the relationship between supply and demand – so you can learn about basic economics principles while lying on the couch!

9. The Economist 2017 mini diary

Another genuinely useful gift is this 2017 mini diary from The Economist. With special content like information on world populations, international dialling codes, and world hotels, it's the perfect gift for the economics professor who travels a lot.

10. Cold, hard cash

You'll have to watch out with this one, lest your economics teacher thinks that you're offering them a bribe! But according to economics experts, by far the most efficient gift is cold, hard cash. It's not very festive though...

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