37th International Scientific Conference on Economic and Social Development - "Socio Economic Problems of Sustainable Development"

We are happy to announce the First Call for the 37th International Scientific Conference on Economic and Social Development - "Socio Economic Problems of Sustainable Development". Topics are focused, but not limited to recent challenges in modern national economies and business enterprises.

In cooperation with: Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC), University North, Faculty of Management University of Warsaw and Faculty of Law, Economics and Social Sciences Sale - Mohammed V University in Rabat


Sustainable Development: New Approaches and Global Challenges

  • Socio-economic aspects of economic growth and development
  • International transport corridors and directions of sustainable development
  • Socio-economic problems of international migration of population
  • International Business Development Trends and Global Transformation Problems
  • The world's ecological balance and global warming
  • Global energy security and international economic development
  • Inequality in global income and global socio-economic trends

Innovation-based socio-economic development

  • Innovative processes and socio-economic growth
  • Coordination of scientific, educational and cultural spheres and the realization of intellectual property
  • Information technology and socio-economic development
  • Knowledge-based economic activity and socio-economic development
  • Innovative knowledge formation and social innovation
  • Innovative training and transfer of electronic knowledge
  • Formation and application of innovative knowledge production and scientific ideas

The objectives of sustainable development, fiscal and monetary mechanisms

  • Fiscal policy and macroeconomic equilibrium
  • Non-discrimination and fiscal adjustment in the national income division
  • Public Expenditure Financing and Budget Revenues
  • Fiscal sustainability and socio-economic targets
  • Floating course system and monetary change
  • Inequality of Income and Sustainable Economic Development
  • Fixed and floating course systems: general and distinctive features

Socio-economic aspects of natural resource revenues

  • International oil-gas routes and diversion of oil-gas pipelines
  • Evaluation of TANAP and TAP projects efficiency
  • Natural resource revenues and non-oil sector development problems
  • Natural resource revenues and environmental balance management mechanisms
  • Natural resource revenues and the socio-economic well-being of the population
  • Investments and revenues to natural resources
  • Richness of natural resources, sustainable development and environment

Enterprise in Turbulent Environment

  • Building a Resilient Organization
  • The Economics of Modern Enterprise
  • Planning or Predicting: Concepts and Models
  • Corporate Governance
  • Manufacturing: Strategy, Technology, and Organization
  • Human Capital Management
  • Marketing Perspective
  • The Legal Environment of Business
  • Business Continuity
  • ICT Support to Business Activities
  • Corporate Finance
  • Accounting and Auditing

Entrepreneurship Caught Between Creativity and Bureaucracy

  • The Role of SMEs in National Economies
  • SMEs in Global Value Chains
  • Education for Creativity

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